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That is a very powerful statement! If I think about it though, it all comes together. I don't know about you but I choose to have power over my circumstances instead of them having power over me. Already, I can hear the naysayers out there. So, please give me a chance to explain how we can do this. 

Stuff happens. Yes, it does. Stuff that is out of our control. I could not agree more. However, the manner in which I choose to react is the way I can turn my circumstances around. It is a matter of turning positive thinking into a habit. Like any habit, it will take time and persistence to build. 

The way that I work on it is to find a time to repeat an affirmation. It can be while brushing my teeth, washing my hair, taking a walk...just keep repeating that affirmation and soon you will believe those words. Start with a simple affirmation. For me, I am working on my sleeping pattern currently. So my affirmation is that I will get to bed by a certain time so that I will be able to get a minimum of 8 hours sleep and wake up early enough to feel I have put in my definition of a productive day. 

Retired, for me, does not mean staying up so late that I then must sleep the morning away and waking up to  knowing in my mind, I have no energy to get myself dressed and to start my day at 11 AM. I actually become jealous of those who have already had breakfast, completed what they wanted to do in order to feel fulfilled (and everyone is different). If this is ok with you, then it works for you. Let me repeat - Everyone is different!

Gratitudes are what I like to focus on. It helps to make me in control of my circumstances. Setting an intentional theme such as letting something go, whatever it may be and instead focus on reaping the positives. Thinking of what brought me joy in the past week or even yesterday and then what is ONE thing that I would like to change about my life. 

Moving with intention toward being kind, not only to others, but to myself as well. After all, we are in this world together. Continue to work in small steps. I work on myself, then bring in family and friends and those that I may not even know personally. That is where my journal writing comes in handy. Just to stop and listen and focus on kindness.

It is true that every act of kindness creates a ripple with no end. Maybe one that you are not aware of at first. Just trust that it is there. And at some point you will be able to harvest that for yourself and others. 

An author named Robin Kimmerer said that we owe it to the world to at least give them some of our attention. He came up with a loose code that can govern our relationships into positive relationships.

  • know the ways of the ones who take care of you, so that you may take care of them
  • Introduce yourself and be accountable
  • Ask permission before taking
  • Never take first or last
  • Take only what you need and only which is given
  • Never take more than half
  • Harvest respectfully
  • Give thanks for what you have been given
  • Always give a gift in reciprocity for what you have taken
  • Sustain the ones who sustain you and the earth will last a lot longer
A question that I stop and ask myself is what was I just thinking about? Was my mind wandering? There is real value in pausing to redirect my thoughts into positive affirmations. I have learned that what I focus on will expand. This can be in a good way or a not so good way. When I focus on the goodness in life (and there is plenty of that) I am able to create more goodness, positivity and kindness. 

Do I need reminders to help me achieve this? Of course! I am only human! Just remember that:

This quote from Oprah helps to sum up my blog. 

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