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For some reason my mind kept coming up with random general thoughts, sort of like an old timey General Store. I am using the word random because general thoughts could be mistaken that all of the thoughts are on the same subject; such as cooking, dancing, fashion. My thoughts were truly random just as items are in most General Stores. 

Something must have sparked a topic and my mind just ran with it. It started with watching a woman open a door to go into a doctor's office and without a blink of an eye, she just walked on it and the person close behind her had to grab the door for herself. To me, that was just not polite. Perhaps if the first person had no clue that someone was behind her? I suppose that could happen but then I thought of manners in general. 

Manners definitely are a true reflection of our character. It cost nothing to be kind. Saying yes ma'am or no sir, being punctual, writing thank you notes, expressing and sharing gratitudes. Paying it forward is just a nice gesture. I had it happen to me at a drive-thru coffee shop and was so taken aback that I did the same for the person behind me. Kindergarten teachers were so right in trying to have their students live by the Golden Rule. It seems quite a few adults need a refresher course in this. 

Table manners ran through my mind when I witnessed a family of 4 at a restaurant waiting for their meal and there was no conversation. All were too busy on their cell phones. 😒 Not exactly good manners being demonstrated. While I was thinking about the use of cell phones and shrinking into your own little world, I started to think about the use of texting vs phoning vs e mail. I guess any of these methods will get your point across and there may be a right time to use one over the other. For a quick little note, a text might be in order over disturbing someone with a phone call. And then an e mail may be better when giving out specific information that needs to be reread and digested to understand it. To me a phone call eliminates innuendos that can be read into a text or e mail. A good rule that I try to always employ is when I call, I ask if this is a good time to talk? Just a polite question in case your call is interrupting something important.

In the same restaurant was a single person eating as if no one had ever taught him how to use a napkin or silverware correctly. This picture is an exaggeration. But I thought it made a point as to why we should always try to show good manners.

Common sense does not grow in everyone's garden. You never know who is watching you. We don't all need to be the sharpest pencils in the drawer however it would work in our own favor if we at least exhibited some common sense. 

With autumn here now, it is coming upon the time for plants to be pruned, brought inside, or actually start a garden from seeds inside the house to enjoy through the winter.             

Do you ever feel like you need to check in on your Mood Elevator to get the most of your day? I know that I do. It helps me visualize how I may be feeling and to acknowledge it and then do something about it.

If I am feeling frustrated and impatient then it will be hard for me to be creative. For me, being creative helps to spark myself up to a higher level. I treat myself better and it is a good form of self-care. I feel happier when I am doing something creative. 

I find it challenging when I have many creative ideas and am grateful enough to know that I have the opportunity to choose whichever one that I want to focus on. Whether it is some art work, writing, gardening, cooking or working on another language. There is not a lack of creative projects to help keep my mood elevator up on the creative floor.

Before retirement, my handwriting had become atrocious. Mainly, because I signed reports, work orders, report cards, etc. all day long. Now, I like to work on proper cursive and even some fancy-smancy cursive, with special pens. 

Speaking of writing, does anyone use recipe cards anymore?     

I have some in a book that I keep. They are family and close friends' special recipes. Now, that may be the only time that I need a card to fill out. Otherwise, I have learned how to store recipes that I find on the Internet in a special folder. I was running out of room when I printed them. Then once printed, I never could find them when I needed them. If in the proper folder on my computer it became easier to keep the ones we liked and to delete those we did not care for.

Have you ever wondered about why companies send out so many catalogs?

Why? With Smart phones, tablets and computers, any company that you want is at our fingertips. Maybe there are people out there who think recipe cards and catalogs are quaint. I for one think we need to save our forests. 

When I was out driving yesterday, I was noticing that some people do not see street signs the same as I do. How did I miss these: "Speed up. You got this."
          "Signals are for cowards."
          "Lanes are suggestions."
          "No fishing in potholes."

Two days ago Facebook went down. Oh my goodness. People were losing it. Someone wrote that it was down so long that they FedEx'd their information to the person who needed it. (Yes, that was a FedEx joke!)

The secret is out. My head is full of random generalizations. I don't know if it is a good sign or something that I should be concerned about. I just know that is how my mind works and I am sticking with it. Sometimes it takes me all day to get nothing done. Just hold on while I overthink this. The men in the white suits have not come yet to take me away. 

I have my Retirement 'to do' list:
1. Wake up!

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