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The other day I was reading an article that I could relate to in various ways. The person writing it basically was mentally going through what I felt like I was going through. I did have to take it to another level and that would be the way that I could make work for me. 

Never ever have I heard of Sensei in Lanai, Hawaii. Two very prominent people, one a physician and the other one a technology mogul got together to discuss why can't health care expand beyond treating it and focus more on preventing it. They thought that using data from trackers, sensors, and biofeedback sessions could help in bringing more happiness and less chronic disease later.

One of these individuals owned his own island in Hawaii and Sensei is a wellness brand that brings in spas set in The Four Seasons Hotel chain. One or two are open now with another one set soon to open. To make a long story shorter, I already know the likelihood of staying at any Four Seasons Hotel so add in signing up for the spa with it? I just could not see that happening for me. 

Being usually optimistic, I thought that after reading this article, I should be able to find a way to get out of my funk. No, I did not have all of the "tools" to get specific reasons going on in my body but I did have my FitBit information on mindfulness, calories in, calories out, breathing, sleep patterns...etc. So, I felt confident enough that I could navigate my own way  through the process. 

After reading and studying my own data, I was able to come up with some ways to RESET my mindset to help guide me through my trouble areas.

  • Instead of feeling guilty for not exercising enough, I should fit in scheduled times of the day for walking and biking. Some is better than none.
  • Back pain can and will go away sometimes by taking care of the fascia when it is becomes stresses and tightens up. I have learned that rolling my foot over a ball for one minute a day and wearing proper fitting shoes make a huge difference in walking and reducing backaches. 
  • For foods, I reset to focus on fiber and plant based foods. I was sort of on the right track in this area in that a high amount of carbs is not good for the body. It causes an inflammatory response. Does that mean giving up a cupcake or slice of pie now and then? The key words are 'now and then.' Thinking before eating helps. Pause and think if I really need that cookie or if I really want to celebrate with wine and cheese with my husband or friends. When I think about nutrition, I try to now think of it not as good or bad but more of is it something that I really need at that time and will my meals before and after an indulgence help to make up for the intentional indulgence? 
  • Resetting my mind on breathing was a little harder. I thought that I had that under control. I recently learned how breathing can stop anxiety and stress, it is just that I need to be sure that I am breathing from my abdomen. Watch a baby sleeping and how their abdomen moves up and down - not their chest. Two other ideas is that when I breathe in the positive vibes, then I exhale the negative vibes. Recently I heard another method which I can definitely relate to. The beach and waves are my happy place. So breathe in the wave as it is coming to the shore and exhale as it is ebbing outward toward the sea.
  • Stop telling myself to, "Suck it up, Buttercup!" I would never say that to a friend so why am I talking to myself this way? Self-criticism is not good for anyone. Self-compassion is much more helpful. My brain can be retrained. 

For me it is about getting into a routine, managing social media and using my alone time for meditating (even short moments) and exercising more, not longer. Continue reading my fiction and working on writing with soft jazz playing in the background. Most of all it is getting more sleep. That takes getting up and turning off the tv. It will be in the paper tomorrow or on YouTube to revisit if I think it is someone I want to see past my set bedtime.

“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset. Every sunrise begins with new eyes.”
― Richie Norton

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