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Where Do You Fit?

This past week I came upon some interesting articles that put people into categories by age. We all know, or should know that people and life do not work precisely that way. It is 2022 and things are changing. Is it fair to blame the way things are going all on millennials? I find myself doing some things differently than I ever have before. Some of it is based on the pandemic. Some of it is simply convenience. I know that it is not a good thing that retail stores are closing while Amazon and other on-line outlets continue to grow at record numbers. And yes, a major part of it is the sheer convenience. Instead of getting in the car, searching for a parking spot and going into the store only to find out what you want is not there which means another trip to another store. 

Consumers today are much more savvy and use the internet to do most of their shopping, streaming what they watch rather than buying or renting them, as well as downloading music rather than buying CDs. Or go back to the good old days of vinyl which would require for most of us to purchase a record player/stereo.

This chart breaks it down and in my opinion I feel that I fit somewhere in each generation. The one thing that I do believe is that many times I have witnessed Millennials believing that they know more than the generations before them, especially the Boomers. Think about this though; didn't the Boomers think the same thing about their parents at different times? Believing them to be old-fashioned and just not with the times? It sort of is what goes around comes around eventually. 

Here are some facts and I dare say it is not all just about Millennials causing these changes.

  • Lottery tickets declining, however on line betting on sport teams is on the increase
  • Shoe fashion for women is not quite what it used to be. Yes, there are sometimes that a pair of stilettos just look best, however ALL ages are going for comfort. High heels are definitely not the mainstream any more. Boots and sneakers along with wedge or chunkier heels are more in fashion.

There is no longer any reason to not be comfortable, whatever footwear you choose. It does not have to be based on age. 

  • The same can be said in most professions, you rarely see business suits for males or females. It is much more business casual and sometimes even less than that. Again, I blame the pandemic and people working from home. As a rule, we are dressing more for comfort. That does not mean it has to be frumpy. There are stylish comfortable items of clothing.


  • If you look around when you go out, I can see many different ages using their Smart Phones. Unless you are expecting a very important call, these should be put in a pocket or face down while with others. Grandparents and parents are just as guilty as their children. It is fun to pass around pictures to friends but this is not an intrusion on conversations. I do know that my grandchildren know how to do more on the Smart Phones than I do. This does not need to be out at the dinner table when it is time to eat and carry on conversations. So in going back to Millennials, they probably do want the latest in technology. They definitely do not want landlines in their homes. They move from apartment to apartment or city to city too often. 

  • Electric cars and caring for the environment is high on Millennial lists. That means recycling, even when it is extremely not easy when you live in an area that does not pick up recyclables. Where do you store them to not cause a 'critter' problem and what if you do not have a car that can hold all of the containers or if you can't lift them up into your car? 
  • Most Millennials do use financial planners to help them prepare for retirement in the future. They are still paying for student loans which makes it hard to save or buy a house. Many prefer to lease cars instead of purchasing them. That way they get newer models more often.
  • Have you ever noticed recently how many males are sporting beards and tattoos along with piercings. Females are joining in with the tattoos and piercings. Some, in my opinion are tasteful while others I just pretend that duct tape is on my mouth. I wonder if some of these women (and men) stopped to think what that droopy tattoo will look like when they are 60 or 70 if they went overboard? Probably not. Again, not my body to worry about.
  • Foods, what you buy in the grocery stores, as well as in restaurants are also changing. It seems the word "organic" must be on the label or menu if a Millennial is going to purchase it. Vegan meals are also very popular. 
  • Many prefer to do on-line university courses instead of driving to a local college. It is much more convenient.
  • When we wanted to go on vacation, we used a planner or else called hotel ourselves. Now there are Airbnbs that take care of it for you.
  • Most Millennials prefer to live in metropolitan areas versus the rural. Many find themselves living paycheck to paycheck. Of course, this is not true of all and I definitely know Boomers that do the same thing.
  • Book sales are down. Not reading. Just purchasing a book is not for many of several generations. They opt for audio books or Kindles. Some people of all ages just want their perceived luxury of holding a hardback book. I like the convenience of having it on my small Kindle. Fits in my purse and off I go.
  • Instead of going out to eat or through a drive thru, there are more Uber Eats and Grub Hub. Food delivered right to your door. Casual dining seems to be on the decline. Places such as Applebee's or TGI Fridays are closing down even as they try to add menu items to appeal to certain clientele. 
  • Drinking habits also have changed. There are micro breweries calling in those beer drinkers and not so much the usual brands. Then there are wine bottles with screw tops to avoid using a corkscrew. 
Boomers could not wait to take the driving test to get their license. There has been a significant drop in getting driver licenses. Partly due to better public transportation, not only public buses but Uber and Lyft in some cities, and the use of rental scooter locations in areas where Millennials live. 

At the work place, whether you are still working from home and on Zoom meetings or going in to an office, the one thing for sure is that we all need to work together. From the traditional workers all the way to Boomers, and the XYZers or whatever label is put on certain ages, we all need to come together and listen to one another. There is something to be said about experience, just as there is something to be said about trying something new. 

The one thing that I have noticed is that Millennials seem to value their time and are willing to pay extra for conveniences that will make their lives a bit easier. l am with them all the way on that.

Just like the song from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young,"Teach Your Children Well," let's not forget the line teach your parents well. We can all learn from one another.   

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