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Just like the Pharrell Williams song, there are ways to incorporate into our lives to help us all feel happier. When I hear this song, it just makes me feel like dancing and singing along. I did see in my reading on this subject, ways to help add to our happiness. I put the hodge podge together and came up with the some of the ways that made the most sense to me and things that I try to do daily.

When I am struggling to get over a "bump in my road" I try to stop and actually review what I am dealing with; one thought at a time.

If I take the time to feel grateful for what I do have, my whole attitude changes. It is a fairly easy thing to do if I open my eyes and heart and think about all the good things I have to be grateful for.

My compassion must also include myself. (Not just self-criticism which I admit that I am quite good at sometimes). I must remember to also have self-compassion. How can I help others if I can't help myself?

Some emotions are easy to deal with while others are more difficult. I have learned over the years that accepting how I feel helps me move on from there. That is the most important task.

To be a little corny here: it is a joyful feeling to choose joy over sadness. It is ok to have sad emotions. Accept it, understand why and then I talk to myself of how I can move on from that point.

My journey in life is always happier if I welcome enthusiasm. It can be a 'reset' button' on my attitude. And, I might add, a positive reset button.

How many remember this oldie but goodie? Having good intentions help push you in the right direction of happiness. Sometimes, you may need to explain to others your thought process of being joyful and having gratitude when things are going on all around you. In other words, you really don't want to be misunderstood for having good intentions. (By the way, the song is by The Animals.)

It is a true statement for me that if I can be still and be quiet, then I will begin to see the eyes of the heart. It sort of brings it all together for me. 

Really life isn't as serious as my brain makes it out to be. My brain is always on a survival mode. Which in some ways is good, however, I know that I must remember to not take life or myself too seriously. Chill and relax some. I like to use that quiet time to work it out.

We all have our skills. Some need more practicing than others. I have discovered that I am happiest when I am being creative. It can be sketching, painting, writing, calligraphy...just keeping my hands busy. 

I, as well as you, can be anything at all...but most importantly to me is to show others your kindness. It demonstrates that you care. 

Well, I need to master my Spanish on the Rosetta Stone before I move on to French. I do believe that learning new things helps me know that there are  subjects to be discovered and that I can do it. It is a matter of staying with whatever I choose to learn. 

To me, this sums up (almost) my whole blog. By living simply, caring deeply, speaking kindly and by all means to love generously is a sure way to guide me to happiness. 

There are always little things, that are not unimportant but this blog was an overall spin of ways to be happier. If I tried, I could put some of the little things under one of the larger ways that I listed above. For example, it makes me so happy when I have a good hair day. That really fits under self-compassion and not taking myself too seriously. It all mixes together. 

So get busy clapping your hands if you feel like happiness is the truth. It is a beautiful sunshiny day here and that really makes me happy. However, turning my thoughts around on a gray and rainy day of how it is helping the flowers grow? There is a way to help make it work and just be happy instead of struggling through life.

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