Saturday, July 23, 2022




Let me start by saying that I really do love jewelry, flowers and other really nice things that my love of my life has given to me. However, I can honestly say with all of my heart that it is the day to day little things that makes my heart go boom-boom! It reminds me of just how deep my love is for him. Most of these little things are quiet and simple. 

Some examples of the little things for me is that he makes my coffee each morning and brings it to me as I am dressing and doing make-up and hair. When he traveled on business he made sure that the coffee beans were all ready and in containers ready to go for each day. I know that others do this because this picture is from a friend when her husband goes out of town. It means the world! Such a simple act of love.

Steve would hide little notes, sometimes a post-it note and sometimes a little card that he picked up and hid it in a place where he knew that I would go at some point in my day. It could be in a coffee mug sitting up, or under the decorative pillow on the bed that came off before I went to bed. In my handbag if he knew I was going out...I never knew where. That was the fun of it.

He loves bringing home or ordering special scented candles for me to have on my desk to set the mood for writing, plus it makes me think of him. (an extra bonus)

We both love to cook but it is so special when he puts all of his passion in cooking our meal. I work on being the sous chef. Just watching him makes me happy and I fall more deeply in love with him.

With all that is happening around our city, as well as the country, it is not always safe for a woman to go out to get her own gas. It takes eyes all around to be careful not to get your car stolen, or things in your car. So he always wants to be with me to fill up my car with gas. Luckily, I am not in it alone very often so it does not use a lot of gas but when it needs gas. He is there with me. Taking care of giving my car a full tank.

Some jobs around the house I just take care of like Roomba and using the Swifter but others, it is amazing to see how fast he empties that dishwasher and takes out the trash. I try to help by breaking down boxes (at least the ones that I can work on). I can also grab the new bag to put in the kitchen. So it is called team work for each other.

Letting each other have a turn at sleeping in is a great little treat. could be him or it could be me? We both share at this gift.

Occasionally, a nice sweet and gentle foot rub hits the spot for me or Steve enjoys a gentle pedicure/manicure from me. He would never go out and get one. 

We both enjoy sending texts to one another. Whether it is our "stars" (astrology) for the day, especially since we are both Sagittarian. Interesting! Or other sweet texts like, "You looked beautiful in that outfit today, Darling." Wow...that puts me on cloud 9 for a while. Makes my heart melt. And a text back to him letting him know how that made me feel is just as special.

The old fashioned way of sending a love text is when he is in the shower, I love it when his back is to me and I can make a heart on the shower glass that is all steamed up. 

So you see...It really is the little things that matter to the heart.

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