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One way that we as consumers can help out in our local areas is to shop for produce at Farmers' Markets. Our area is lucky in that we have them spread all around our city. There is a very special one just around the corner from where we live and WOW can you tell the difference in his produce vs what you will find at the grocery store. He is in Cordova, Tn just off Macon on C Street before you hit Sanga Road. Each year his business has grown larger. He has a Facebook page and Instagram where he puts up his pictures and weekly menus of what is available. 

Note: There is a very kind young man who carries those heavy melons out to your car trunk!

It is located on a little side street so that parking is easy on both sides of the street. They have bags or you can bring your own recyclable bags. Over the years that he has been open, his marketing ideas have grown with the business. Such as having hours posted on FB as to opening late due to rain, putting up more shaded canopies for customers (as well as for those working the stands - hey, it is HOT out there)!

We go weekly and once we went on a Thursday and went back on Saturday for more tomatoes. He is open Thursday - Saturday and definitely has a steady business. (9-6 Thurs.-Fri. and Sat. 9 till sold out) When we walk up it is hard not to let our eyes do the shopping without thinking that there are only two of us and what will we eat before it goes bad. That is my only warning. Take a look at some of his produce:

I must say that one week I literally overdosed on tomatoes. Is that possible? It is if you bake a tomato pie and have a slice of tomato on everything that you eat for a week (including just a good ole plain tomato sandwich)! I have learned to cut back just a little bit. As good as all of these fruits and vegetables are for us, mix them up some. 

The health benefits, not to mention helping out the environment and finances are overwhelming yet statistics show that only a small percent actually shop at farmers markets. Most seem to still be hooked on grocery stores. Why?

If you shop at the grocery store, many times the food had to be shipped there. So it really it is a better idea to buy locally and when in season in your area reducing the carbon footprints. Also the produce is not wrapped up in plastic as it is sometimes in the grocery. If you think about it there are growing seasons for all fruits and vegetables so when it is time for certain produce to be harvested in our area, that is the time to buy it. It is fresher, tastier and did not have to travel miles to get to you. Everything can be picked at peak ripeness.

Because it is locally grown, it is higher in nutritional value because it is produced closer to us and spends less time in transport and storage. Eating seasonally saves us more money than buying out of season produce where prices could easily spike due to demand.

Purchasing from a local farmer helps our local economy and not some multi-million dollar corporation. It cuts out the middle man. Shopping at a local farmers market gives us a sense of community. We have even met up with friends at our market. The farmer and his helpers even get to know us and what it is that we usually buy.  It is a weekly trip over for us while he is open. 

I do have my own little AeroGarden to plant heirloom cherry tomatoes, miniature peppers and lots of herbs. It is a sad day in September when our farmer is back to work on his farm for the next year's growing season so this is when patience is needed to carry on. It is back to the grocery store at that time and the produce simply can't be compared. 

What matters the most is knowing where our food comes from and supporting locally grown produce whenever possible.

Here's to SWEET FROM THE VINE PRODUCE and the owner Micah McDaniel. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram and please stop in to see them. 

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  1. I can confirm everything he said, as well as add that his veggies have not been treated with any pesticides, making them healthier as well! I’ve been shopping with Micah (and the handsome young man who carries the heavy stuff to my car) since day 1.