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Forget the fact that this movie, "Love Actually," is my favorite movie of all time. I really could not even begin to tell you how many times I have watched it. Always several times over the holidays but many other times too.

The opening scene in the airport is what grabbed me immediately. All of the diversity, all of the signs being held up to greet those arriving, all of the hugs and is this all going to be pulled together in a story. Then as the characters were all introduced, again it was hard to figure out how it would all be pieced together. I can assure you that it did and in such a marvelous manner.

The one thing that is so very true is that love is not always what can make us happy. Sometimes, as the movie demonstrates, you can have love for the wrong person in the wrong way. Without going into detail with spoilers, all I can say is to watch or re-watch the movie and it does explain more of what I am talking about.

There are research papers out there to prove my point about all you need is love. Arthur Brooks, a Harvard Professor, is a columnist for the New York Times. He also has a best seller book out about finding success and happiness. His study was for over 30 years observing the habits of happy, healthy people from their age of 18 until they passed away.

Dr. Brooks does say that yes it is important to be healthy when there are things that we can control like eating healthy and exercising. Genetic diseases are out of our control, however, following what our doctor tells us can help if we remain positive. That also includes stop the worrying. In other words, be able to, "Let It Go." Reading all that we can get our hands on helps to keep our thinking young and aware of what is going on in the world. Change up our genres.

For him, especially the older that we get, we need to look at healthy and unhealthy and happy and unhappy. In his words, the most important is happy. Happier is more important than healthy. It is my own conclusion that being happy can help make one healthier. 

Dr. Brooks has a quote that he uses, "Happiness is love, full stop." This is so true and is basically what the whole movie of "Love Actually" puts up on the big screen. The trick is to find the love that is right for us. There are many facets and faces of love, not just the traditional, romantic love. Love is an emotion, a way of life and even one of the most important emotions that we have as humans. It reflects a path of self-discovery for us; to do better in life, to set new goals and to always strive for the best.

"Love Actually" is just one of many movies or books about all you really need is love. For me, I just do not care for the old black and white movies but there are loads of them out there and plenty of people love to watch them over and over. The one that comes to my mind is "Casablanca." Older movies to me mean movies like "Love Story, Endless Love, Titanic and If Only." These are super movies on love that show the trials and tribulations of getting there.

This is one of my MANY favorite scenes from "Love Actually." Always brings tears to my eyes. 

Even The Beatles are into this love thing:

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