Saturday, December 24, 2022





This holiday season I would like to take the time to say just how important it is to take it all in. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. You just never know when someone that you love will no longer be with you to share these special moments. Let every day be a special moment so if you can...start with the holidays right now! 

For a fact, Steve and I enjoyed every day together. It did not have to be a holiday. It was just being together. If for some reason you have no special someone or if you find yourself alone, then it is time to do something about that. Sounds easier than done yet it is a matter of if no family is around you or that you can travel to then it is time to venture out to other places and find friends who have the same interests as you do. Whether it be in the art world, or at the library or book shops, even a local "Cheers" bar where everyone knows your name. Get out and meet others to be with. And I would add that if there is someone who is alone on Christmas or a special holiday that you know about, it would be grand if others invited them to come on over and celebrate with you and yours. 

It is especially a very hard time for me to be without Steve. I am so very grateful for my family with me and those who live away, as well as very supportive friends who call and write. Plus, I have an Elf and a Christmas Baker making Christmas cookies plus another granddaughter who is drawing special pictures and working on decorating her new bedroom, a daughter who is the head baker and meal maker and a son in law who is taking care of the heavy loads with leaves that slip in the patio, trash (which will be loads and will take creativity to stuff it all in once gifts are opened). Always stuff to do and fix when living in a home. At least the pool is now in a mode of not having to get so many leaves out of the filters. 

Even a brother and sister in law over in England sharing their new Christmas puppy writing and calling me. This pup is so precious...and Chris named him Hippo. A sweet little French Bulldog! 

We will Facetime with the Brownies in New Orleans on Boxing Day to keep Steve's memory alive and well. And we have plans to eat lunch out at a really nice restaurant in Mid-town. 

Next will be Jenni's birthday and then New Year's Eve. She gets to choose what the meal will be and I can assure everyone that the next night which will be New Year's Eve will be spent at home hoping that fireworks will not be too loud or too many for our dogs.

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