Sunday, January 22, 2023



Now that we are well into January, I am taking the time to do a quick reset for all of the opportunities available to me. It is a fresh start - a do-over sort of. I believe there are too many times that I just go on autopilot and don't think things through and all of the what-ifs. Sometimes I just need to go back to my word of the year - HOPE  - and not be sarcastic to myself. Resetting a hopeful message to ME.

Getting rid of any negativity and working with the positive is a great method of reconnecting with the real me. The me that I want to be most all of the time. It is a way to show me my strengths and even come up with new ways of connecting with my strengths.

Even to a point of reimagining an easier way to accomplish what I wish to achieve; creating new ways to open my mind up and think more outside of that little square box. And then act on it. 

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  1. Each day is a gift the present.There are some days you just want"to be".I need to add BE present in the moment.We can't take for granted this gift of being alive.When you look back on yesterday,ask yourself what did you do with your day?It is the little things that count month.After retiring ,my routine schedule changed.I an still an early bird but with more time on my hands,I still want to fill my hours being productive in some way mentally or physically. Staying active is a priority for wellness.Some days are needed to recharge my "batteries". In hopes,that each day have left a heart print for someone. Linda