Sunday, January 15, 2023



Yes, there are many words that I could focus on. For this year, I have chosen 'HOPE.' Many other words go along with it such as faith, love, believe, however, I am focused on HOPE.

Ways that I have found to work on this word in my everyday life I have listed below.
  •  Some ways that are my favorites are to reread books that make me happy or watch movies that put me in a good and hopeful mood.

Another way is to take control of only what I can control. Be realistic. Examples that I can control is how I treat other people, how I show up for work, etc. I can't control what happens within my own body except for what I put in it and get it moving. Just trying to remain positive is about the most I can do at that stage. Feelings are definitely valid but that isn't  an area to obsess over. What I do have control over is where my focus should be.

Another example is to draw, sketch, or doodle.

Think about talking to a child. They have a mind that is focused in on specific facts on what they have been reading about. 

OK...this could sound boring to some of us. But it really will help us in the long run. Check out what your phone possibilities will accomplish if you only knew how. Find out. 

This may surprise you but a nap is a great way to feel better and help me put things in a better perspective.

I feel that focusing on HOPE  helps me look more on the bright side of life and what is going on in the world. It helps me control anxiety and stress and to work on a change for the better each and every day. It starts with each one of us.

  • A new year brings new hope and new memories. Enjoy it.

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