Saturday, February 11, 2023



As I wrote about just a few blogs ago, for myself, I do not set resolutions. I set a word to live by that fits what I feel will help me to accomplish what I want to set out to do. Definitely, it is based on good intentions so in a round about way, I guess it is sort of a resolution yet it covers so many areas of my life. 

It is interesting to notice that the New Year starts with a BANG at gyms everywhere. The resolution being that there are those that want to get fit and back in shape, or healthier, etc. If you drive by the gyms in January the parking lots are jammed full. Now that we are coming up on mid-February...not so much. 

For me, setting my hopes on one specific thing or several things just did not make it happen for me. This is why my word is the best thing for me to work with. It is broader in my mind and not just ONE focus to work on. 

Don't get me wrong. Intentions do matter, just not always so specific. I have good intentions of getting my exercise in and my own positive hope can help that happen. And I will say that if a day goes by and it is not on my things accomplished, then I make sure that I do not beat myself up about it. I am human. I look over my schedule and see what I possibly could have changed around so that it does not happen again in the next few days. It is the little steps that matter to me of what I want to accomplish so it is important to look at my intentions and did I fulfill them? Sometimes it is a matter of getting back on the right track of my "HOPE."

I need to be my own inspiration. Thinking about what will inspire me to meet my intentions. It is good to have my own inspirations, yet also I believe that it is wise to allow some others that I admire to help inspire me and to help give me hope of meeting my goals.

Many times it is the hardest thing of all just to "get started." I know that I had a task that was not going to be easy. I held high hopes that I could do it. I almost didn't go through with it at all. I am the Queen of putting it off and talking myself out of something that is scaring me to try. FINALLY, after two hours of coming up in my head with all of the reasons that I could not accomplish this task...I pulled up my big girl panties, marched to the car and I did it. And if I say so myself, I did it with confidence and my head held high. YES! I did make it happen all by myself. There are no words to use that can let others know just how proud that I was of myself. It was exhilarating. 

Everyday there are not always major tasks that I hope I can accomplish to get this feeling of walking on sunshine. Yet there are most of the time at least small tasks that need to be celebrated. In fact, I love to make a list in my journal at night of things that I can celebrate throughout my day. All of these little things can really add up and make me feel proud. That is where the HOPE comes in. Time does seem to fly so that is why it is so important to celebrate the large and not so large accomplishments in our lives.

I never let go of HOPE. I hold on to it, even if it is at times pulling me along instead of me pulling it along.

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