Saturday, February 18, 2023



Now that we all have just gotten through Valentine's Day, I was thinking, especially for myself, that it would be a good time to think about my own Love Inventory. It seems that when Valentine's Day comes around that there are so many people who have love on the brain. I am not excluding myself. Afterall, Steve and I married on Valentine's Day. It was OUR day. In reality, every day was OUR day. Love is not something to focus on for one day a year.

Love needs to be a daily practice of loving yourself and those around you. It often takes practice to accomplish this. I took a Love Inventory Self Assessment that was on-line and could be taken as an individual or a couple. When I took the Inventory, I discovered that I was most definitely a Right Brain person. More subjective, seeing the big picture, kinesthetic and paying more attention to what my heart says. I really did not need an Inventory test to learn this.

The "unifier" is the one who has intuitive skills, usually calm, gives love and accepts love unconditionally, spiritual, creative, and I do know that I fit into most of these categories vs. a logical thinker. 

One way to be sure to work on this love practice is to always write how you practice love daily in a journal. I find it can be most meaningful and rewarding to myself. I love to write as if I am talking to Steve if he were still physically here with me. And, I try to include what inspired my love for others today. Putting a smile on my face, looking at others in positive ways can be so fulfilling. My heart seems to grow stronger with love. Sounds corny, I know. Hey, that is just me and who I am. 

Yesterday, I was a judge in an Elementary Science Fair. As each child came up to present their project, I could feel their love of what they were presenting and how proud they felt to share it with me. (Let's say at least 9 times out of 10!) Love is everywhere. Love is all around us.

It can even happen in line while waiting at the grocery store. It is a form of kindness for others. Sharing a piece of yourself, not expanding only on the romantic love and finding our soulmate. The absolute chance to love and be loved can happen at just about any moment in our lives such as with friends, with family, and yes, even at times with strangers. Thinking of times when someone showed me that they cared enough to do a little something special for me. It is always fun to reciprocate that love. Then it becomes a special bond. 

I highly suggest each person take a look at their own Love Inventory and write about it or sketch it out. Sometimes we can surprise ourselves with our own creativity. No one will be judging you.

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