Saturday, May 27, 2023



Someone that I know from on line that I have never met in person but somehow feel a connection to  writes down things and calls them her scribbles. The writings are actually very good. I know that I can relate to them through what is going on in my own life. As the scribble above is showing, most scribbles are going somewhere. Her writings are always headed in a particular direction.

As it turns out there is a connection between us. Her husband is a first cousin of Steve and they used to play together as children. All of the times that I have been over to the UK with Steve, I have never met them. In fact, it was only until about a year or so before Steve passed away that I noticed them on line. Their last name of Miles is what had me ask Steve about them. That is when he told me of their family ancestry. Quite a small world!

She wove in the words of this particular scribble to the song Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay. Helen said that she wished she could say that she was sitting on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away. Then went on to explain that it really was TRUE. What a difference a day makes! One rises in the morning with so many plans but you can't plan and expect it to happen because our life is planned out but not always by us alone. Circumstances and events unknown occur. There is not one person living that can expect perfection in life. We can hope and we can dream but our fate is planned out.

So the most important thing is to firstly be HAPPY! I love that word she used! Firstly! Then secondly the most important thing is to share that happiness. Remember that all of us need to stop getting sad over small things and stop getting emotional over things that we can't control. It is a time for us to be happy because everyone deserves to be happy. 

Remember always that this is the first day of the rest of your life. Do the things that make you happy. Love the people you want to love. Be kind. Be good. Be honest. Be true. But most importantly BE YOU! 

Actually, sitting on the dock of the bay resting your bones is not such a bad idea...just do not do this alone too often. There is a time to have some alone time. That is not a bad thing. Sharing your experiences with others and biding your time with others is not wasting time. Why? Because everything is gonna change and nothing will always stay the same. Embrace each day with anticipation and love.

We all do have some control over how things turn out. Planning helps, just remember to always have a backup plan in case "stuff" happens. And we all know it does happen at times. Usually when we least expect it.

Eleanor Roosevelt said it well in her quote of the new day which is exactly why we need to embrace each day with anticipation and love.


This is just so true. I think to myself about missing Steve. Missing him is the hardest thing that I deal with every day. Where does the happiness come in? It comes when I remember to hold each and every memory of him in my heart and know that I must learn not to live without him but to live with the love that he left behind for me. This makes me smile again and to share in my happiness. A new day brings on new strength and new thoughts. Always ~

Thank you Helen Miles for sharing your 'Scribbles' with me and allowing me to use some of it in my blog. Also to Otis Redding for writing "Sittin' on the Dock of a Bay" partially in California while sitting on a rented houseboat and then he completed the song in Memphis with Steve Cropper, the guitarist of Booker T. & the M.G.'s as well as a STAX music producer. Definitely Memphis music shared with the world.

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  1. People who know me know I have 2 hand writings the Teacher" with each letter properly written and the other the "Scribbler". I use the s rubber every day as I have a pad specifically as I jot things down I read,memories that come to mind,to do lists,devotional time,etc and later go back to reflect on it.I love the words to the song you referenced finding time to sit and reflect in a moment of silence as the time goes by.