Sunday, June 18, 2023



Part of being human is having times that you are not feeling yourself. Perhaps thinking that there must be something in the air. Or maybe even that you got up on the wrong side of the bed. Just maybe you are thinking that you are in some kind of funk. 

There is a way to switch that feeling around. It involves using some creativity. The kind that I am talking about has nothing to do with making art. It is more about creating your own uniqueness. Our day to day life is all about creating our own uniqueness. 

Everyday may not be great. It may not even be good. Daily worries (I know mine are there floating around) can be consuming, however, I have found a way to work on connecting with my everyday worries by realizing that self-criticism is not helping and in fact, is lessoning my productivity in my day. I am learning that I must have compassion for myself or else I will not be so inspired to have that compassion for others. It is a matter of actually acknowledging my own gifts so that I can contribute to others.

Just knowing that I am not like everyone else allows me to just be me. No pretending that I am like someone that I may admire. Just being ME is enough. We all are unique and have a special place in our universe. As Dr. Suess says, "Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!" We all are perfectly cast in our lives. Can you even imagine anyone but yourself in the role of YOU? 

There are some ideas that I have used to help me such as creating something and it is ok if it is small like a little poem, a special homemade meal or treat...even a cute little doodle art. If it feels creative to me then it counts. It gives my brain empowerment so it helps my mental health.

Another little idea that I use is to take a break and go out to take a little walk, even if it is a simple walk around the back and front gardens to water and snip at the flowers in my garden. It is just all about breathing the fresh air and the change of scenery. Even going out to have my morning coffee is a nice change of pace. Changing up regular routines is important to get myself out of my 'mood.' Small actions can have a huge impact on how I feel. Wearing something really colorful sets a tone in my brain for some reason. 

The important thing to remember is there has never been anyone exactly like you ever in the world.  

Certain qualities that help make us who we are may be:

  • Genetics - our own DNA
  • Physical Characteristics - some of which is from our DNA
  • Personality - this starts the day we are born and it forms our character, temperament and behavior
  • Attitudes - pessimist or optimist
  • Perspectives - the way that each of us interpret things going on around us
  • Habits - may be good or bad
  • Intellect - high IQ or high worldly smarts
  • Goals - what we all are aiming towards, our directions
  • Experiences - some adventures to some can be nightmarish to others 
  • Relationships - all friendships differ whether they be friends, family, lovers, spouses
  • Creativity - building, baking, painting, singing...
  • Passion - for pets, people, careers...
  • Communication - emotions, gestures, laughter, tears, flowing words...
  • Humor - a sense of it or lack of it
  • Taste - whether food, clothes, friends...
Many of the above qualities bleed into one another from our DNA and how we were individually raised. However, consider siblings with the same parents can be extremely different from one another. That is what makes us all so unique!

Our uniqueness does not make us makes us who we are - our own unique person.

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