Saturday, June 10, 2023




When a birthday or perhaps a reunion comes along some people seem to take it very personally. My question to them is, "Do you really feel older celebrating that next birthday?" Yes it is true, another year has passed, yet in reality did you just age a year overnight? Think about it for a minute. Age is just a number unless you let it take over your life. Adding another year is better than the alternative. So all in all it is a matter of thinking what you may have done and accomplished in your life up to that point. Asking ourselves if we have made a difference somehow, not only in our lives but in others' lives? Was it meaningful to ourselves and to others? That is really a matter of doing things that help us get to know ourselves better. Another way to think about it is asking ourselves if we are here on a purpose to share our enthusiasm about something we have accomplished.

Afterall, self-discovery is not about sitting on a mountaintop meditating for months at a time or journaling constantly or analyzing yourself to death. It is simply a matter of doing things that make us happy and feel good. This in turn causes enthusiastic possibilities that we all should be aware of. If for whatever reason, I am not feeling "it" then it is time to rethink about ways that I could shift to help me be in charge of me. 

The best way to discover yourself is through action and paying attention. We should never let our age control our lifestyle. In fact, our lifestyle should control our age. As one example for myself, I have some psoriatric arthritis. It is something that others younger than myself can easily get as well as those older than me. That is something that I have learned to live with and although I will not be running a marathon with my knees having this condition there are so many things that I am perfectly capable of doing. 

The more that I move and do my physical therapy, the better it gets so I use the mindset that this is not going to control the way that I live. I am in charge of finding what is adaptable for my condition and age. My age does not control my lifestyle. I love waking up each day to a mindset of what I can go out and accomplish for the day. There are times that it ALL does not get done and that is okay. A positive attitude is most definitely the key to it all because more likely than not it will not all get done. Prioritizing is important. We all have choices of whether or not we want to feel older or not.

Aches and pains can give you a feeling of being older than you are if you let it. We all have aches and pains.

Take care of any ache or pain, for sure. This can be done by seeing your doctor and following medical advice. Also, do your own research so that intelligent questions can be asked or even possibly a 2nd opinion may be in order. Again...the question is are you feeling older or not? You can answer your own question and then decide if you want to do something about it or not. It is a matter of feeling older? Or not?

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  1. Last night,I attended one of my best friend's birthday celebrations#85!
    In this case,this milestone was one to be celebrated.It reminded me though age is just a number,each year is one to becelebrated,especially as a senior.It is a time of reflection.Our mental attitude is key.Count the can do's,not the can't,listen to your body signals and follow your leads.Seek a dr. when needed and have a list of questions and concerns.Set personal goals but don't push your limits.Be an example to others. Linda S.