Tuesday, February 23, 2016


February 23, 2016

Possibility begins with imagination.  This was etched on a bracelet that I was looking at in a catalog. When I googled it, I discovered that no one had claimed it as their own particular quote.  To me, it rang so very true as I begin my journey as a creative writer.

The saying that you should write about what you know is just not quite true.  If you write only about what you know then tell me how does one know about science fiction or fantasy?  Did you live it and experience it?  Well, it is my belief that a writer probably did ---  in their imagination, that is!  Thus, my "milestone" quote of  "Possibility begins with imagination" takes on a life of its own.

The novel that I am writing now (my first one) does have some basis of what I know and then the fun part creeps in which is the creative side of embellishing the characters and their actions, as well as the events.  In the research that I have read to date, there are two pieces of advice that rang clear to me.  The first one states that a writer just needs to write.  Even when there is a major "block" going on and you tend to believe that what you are writing is nonsense  --  just write.  Editing can come later.  Get thoughts down on paper first.  It is much better than just staring at a blank sheet of paper, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  So first and foremost is to JUST WRITE.

Secondly is a piece of advice that a child gave to an author when he was having a "block" taking place.  She asked him, "What is wrong?"  He told her that writing was difficult.  In the words of a child, she told him that writing was really easy.  There is a "Once upon a time" and then there are pages and pages and pages to turn and last there is "They lived happily ever after."  Hmmmm

This author smiled at the child and was quite ready to at first dismiss it as childish rubbish.  Then, he thought about it a moment.  This is what makes good novels.  In the beginning there is always a once upon a time and though not every novel ends in and they lived happily ever after.......... the novel has an ending in which someone usually received what they wanted, whether it be good or bad, in some way or another.

This is where I shall begin as I take my literary journey.  And I will continue to reach out and listen to others when they give suggestions.  If it is something that I can use that will help me reach my dream then I am all for that.  

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