Monday, February 8, 2016

Soon, I hope that I can put out the word of how to get to this blog in an easy way.  I have decided that it will be a blog about whatever is going on around me at the time or in the past or possibly in the future.  Right now, I am just trying to find my "legs" so to speak in the writing field.  Add this to recently retiring and finding a balance to a schedule that works for me.

Today's topic of blogging will be BIG insurance companies who seem to have the freedom to disagree with what a doctor prescribes for their patients.  In my head I envision some wee little nerd sitting behind a desk rejecting prescriptions as the pharmacies call them in.  The patient is then left to jump through hoops before possibly getting the verdict changed.  And it could be that they refuse to change it at all.  The call is up to this little nerd.  Maybe he forgot to take his "happy pill."  Ha

This is something that I dealt with each day last week. Not fun.  The process took five days after the prescription was written for me to get it filled.  It was not medicine that was going to save my life, however, it was a prescription that was going to ease the discomfort of my dry eyes and would make them better.  Really, I am not sure if I should be more upset with the insurance company or the pharmaceutical company for charging $579.00 for 30 days of eye drops.  So, I think I will remain bitter towards both of them.  It seems like this is a case for a big time lawyer to get involved?  Along with the American Medical Association?  Just sayin'

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