Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

There are so many "favorite quotes" of mine that there is probably a book for me to write about them some day.  (I will make a note of that.)  Ninty-nine per cent of the time, when I post a quote here or on my Facebook page, it is because it moved me for that moment in time and I needed it for my own personal mantra of the day.  If I did not believe the words in the quotes that I share, then I would not write them out for anyone else to view.

Today one of Roald Dahl's quotes hit me like a ton of bricks.  I thought that it is so true for those who don't believe in magic that they will never find it.  Even though it is a sad thought, I am sure that many of you are like me and know people like this.  You have to believe in it.......... whatever you want to call the magic is up to each individual.  For me, it is always being open for when opportunity knocks.  Being aware of it and inviting it in.  Keeping that glint of optimism, the spark of hope glowing all around you is so very important in order to find your own pieces of magic.  The red carpet will be out there waiting for you to walk towards your own special kind of magic, if you believe.

There is a club out there that many of you may have heard of:  The BMW Club!  This is the club that I refuse to be a member of at any time.  You do know what club this is, right?  It is the bitch, moan and whine club.  Now, I agree that if something is not going my way, it would be easy to fall into this club membership.  OR, as I feel myself headed that way, then trying to turn it around for a more positive spin so that some magic can happen........... Believe, Meditate and Wonderment!  The positivity that comes from these thoughts are much more productive than taking the negative side.

Many times it is the little piece of magic and positive energy that helps to bring the big pieces all together.  Therefore, I will always believe in magic!

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