Monday, March 14, 2016

Getting In the Groove

To me, I find it a bit amazing that those who know that I am working on a book ask me if my book is finished yet? However, let's think about this knowing that we live in the real world, a novel is not going to get written and off to be published in two months.  There are so many external factors involved, at least for me there seems to be.

First, there must be some time to get myself in an established routine after the kind of chaotic day to day routine that was once my world before creative freedom was given to me. Sleeping beyond 5:30 took some time to get used to.  Never did I want to sleep my day away and waste a beautiful day to be productive in some way; it just seemed that there was a more civilized time for one to wake up to an alarm clock.  Finding that time, the next step was to decide what I wanted to do with that waking up time.  The old way was to scurry to the bathroom, shower, dress and become presentable, all the while having my precious, loving husband continue to bring cups of coffee back to me.  And may I add, he does not even drink coffee, yet he made the coffee with fresh coffee beans each night for me so that I could function the next morning. Then, if all went right, there may be time to grab a protein bar for breakfast before scooting out the door.  (With a "to-go" coffee in hand)

Sadly, I would pass a half dozen or so people who were outside walking, running or biking -- just getting their morning exercise in for the day.  Plenty of people told me that I too could do this IF I wanted it bad enough.  No! I did not want to go to bed at 8 so that I could get up at 4:45 AM to exercise and then be able to shower and dress for work.  That is exactly what it would have meant if I still wanted close to 8 hours of sleep.  And I know that I needed that.  This was not a want; it was a NEED in order to be able to be a civil human being.

Then there was the calmness here at home to get used to instead of having an intercom, a radio, a telephone plus a text on a cell phone going off with each person telling me the problem that needs immediate attention.  Mind you, this does not count the people who came to find me in person with their needs.  There were days that I wrote in my journal about what I solved in 45 minutes without batting an eye.  Most people, even those that I worked with could not believe it.  So, though it may seem silly to some, I can attest to the fact that the calmness that was my world now did take getting used to.

No time clock (not that there was literally a time clock before) or bells ringing telling me where I should be as well as everyone else.  So do I start at an official time?  My answer to that question is of course not.  I start when I want to start.  I may read the paper first.  I may check e mails, go on facebook, check out research articles that I need for references.  In whatever order I want to. It was as if a key had been given to me to open the door to my whole new world.......... and it was!

This is what it is all about for me.  WRITE.  Just WRITE.  How ever my books are published in the future will be determined.   The one thing that is for sure.  NO ONE can stop me from being a writer except me.  All I have to do is WRITE.

For anyone who may be interested (and I am hoping that soon there will be a large number of you) my goal is to WRITE a blog once a week.  I hope to spread out and make it once a day.  IF that is too lofty of a goal then I can always scale back.  Let me just say if I start setting a goal of once a week, then that will be good for me.  Because, the blog is but one small part of my writing.  Every day in some way, I write and work on my book, the first of many I hope.

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