Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Looking over many different thoughts on the topic of creativity, I discovered that it is so very true that to be creative there are rules that must be broken.  You need to be able to do it your own special way.  Perhaps this is why I cringe when I hear an adult tell child that the grass should not be colored purple because grass is green.  Or that child who does not color within the lines being told they must stay in the lines.  WHY?  

It really is ok to see things your own way.   Allow each human to experiment with their own creativity.  Do we want everyone to fit in “the box?”  Unfortunately, we know the answer to that question…my little touch of optimism is that we all do not hold that belief. 

As we grow older we know and are all aware that there is a ‘box’ somewhere out there.  Those that are more creative are able to think outside the box.  Then there are those who are the MOST creative of all.  These thinkers are able to see things in so many different ways, inside the box, outside the box and then just kick the box out of sight, out of mind and move on to their own levels of creativity.

Whether you are using words, movement, colors or textures, it takes special skills to be this kind of creative thinker.  I truly believe that each of us are born with certain natural skills.  What we decide to do in order to develop these skills is left up to us.  And included in these skills is also the ability to be the best kind of creative thinker.  This will be what helps each person develop their own artistic natural abilities.

For me this means not only as a writer that I must write, write, write and then write more.  As Twlya Tharp says, “Creativity is an act of defiance.”  This will happen through continuing to develop my writing skills.  In all of my notes that I have collected this rings true with different words from different people.  There is no one way for each and every person.  The most important thing is that you find your special talent and practice it in many ways.  Forget the rules!  Break the rules!  Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect.  As for all of you writers out there….”Don’t be a writer; be writing.”  William Faulkner

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