Friday, April 1, 2016

Pet Peeves

Ok, now I know that we all have some pet peeves.  Some are stronger than others, and sometimes it just depends on where and how it whops you upside the head, so to speak.  Well, today in the grocery store one of my pet peeves came to life and truly, I had to use all of my emotional intelligence to get through my list, pay and get out of that store.

It all started when I parked, got out of my car and two people were walking near me.  One in front and one in back.  Both were talking,  Were they talking to me, to each other?  I looked at one and then the other.  I had not a clue and they were in their own little world, also clueless that everyone around them was hearing their conversations that were in fact, rather dull and boring.  They must have had some kind of hidden blue tooth and were chatting away, obviously not to me nor to one another.

No sooner had I gone through the doors, got my grocery cart and entered the land of produce as two more cell phone chatters were carrying on conversations, in their own world and now they were in my way of getting a bag to put bananas in and a chance to pick out the asparagus and spring onions that I wanted.  The thing of it was, I could hear, as could everyone else, what they were saying.  Is there something written somewhere that if you want to seem even more unsocial and ignorant than others, then be sure to talk on your cell phone very loudly so that all can hear, usually, about the boring life that you live.  (I don't care if Aunt Jane, bless her heart, does not know how to make decent potato salad nor that Grandpa does not want a birthday party).

The trip through the grocery aisles pretty much continued on this same path.  I must have missed the memo that said to be sure to go to this grocery and talk loudly on your cell phone Friday at 1 p.m. But wait!  There is more.  I had to get in line to pick up our Powerball ticket for the week.  As I was waiting, there was a lady behind me having a conversation (since I only heard her side, obviously on the cell phone) concerning a friend of hers and the person that she was talking to.  She repeated loudly over and over that this friend had the audacity to argue with her about a verse in the Bible. This conversation went on not only about the verse but into the interpretation.  By hearing this lady say to the other one, "Yes, you know that is right.  Yes, she is all wrong and we will have to sit her down and show her where her beliefs have gone wrong. She needs to be with us on this matter."

She then added that the two of them need to take her some article about Disney World starting a war with the Christians.  This would show her just how wrong she was when she saw what Apple, Disney and other major corporations were doing.  Somehow, I missed the news on this upcoming war.

Now, I can tell you, and my close friends can attest to the fact, that I do not get involved in political or religious beliefs. Please go ahead and believe what you believe and leave what I believe out of it and I will be just as courteous and do the same.  Debating over such strongly held issues and beliefs goes nowhere fast because people talk past each other and then label it as conversation. So it was at this stage that I really wanted to ask if it would help if you all sat down, held hands and just sang, "Kum Ba Yah?"

Instead, it was finally my turn to get my Powerball ticket.  I am now feeling LUCKY!  Why? Because I walked out of that store with a smile on my face and held my emotional intelligence together and did not whop anyone up side the head.  As I was loading my groceries into my car, my faith in the human race was also restored because a precious, cute, feisty little old lady parked beside me and talked about her days of driving her Z3.  So I decided to end my exciting grocery store trip with a little treat of a low-fat coffee frappuccino to go.

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