Monday, April 18, 2016

Perspectives of Age

Be truthful...don't you feel wonderful, marvelous and so much more energetic (if only for a short lived moment) when someone says to you that there is no way that you could be a certain age.  You look years younger than that!  I will be the first in line with my hand waving.  It feels so rejuvenating. And yes, I love it.  Secretly hoping that they are 'not just saying that to be complimentary for a hidden reason.'  If it is a salesperson, then I must say, I take it as it is.

While we are on this part of my blog, I must say that there is also a way to age gracefully.  There are times that I cringe when I hear the words that in order to age gracefully, go ahead and accept every gray hair and every wrinkle as a part of your wisdom that you have earned in life.  NOT!  At least that is not the way that I see it.  And I applaud those who love their grayness and wrinkles. (Plus, there are some men and women who have beautifully colored gray hair or salt and pepper) There is a way to have a happy medium.  Too much botox and plastic surgery can make freaky old people.  That is for sure.  On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with a little helpful touch here and there, or a magic cream ......and a wonderful hairdresser!  (Thank you, Shannon!)

With that aside, truly, any adult over a certain age loves to be considered more youthful.  And it does flatter most people.  Ah..... we all need to be a little wary because being young at heart should not necessarily mean young at mind.  There is a huge difference.

If our own perspectives of the world and the people who are in this world have not changed and grown, widened and deepened, then we have wasted very precious years of our lives.  Please don't get me wrong....I adored my younger years; once more, I adore even more so what I have learned from them.  Did I pick up on every lesson put before me?  No!  Did I learn from each failure the first time? Most definitely not!

The very fact that I can, as we all can, look back and gather what we have learned and recognize that our experiences now make up a wiser  person, at the very least, a more informed one. The School of Hard Knocks teaches us every day living lessons that is not taught in high schools nor universities.

Muhammad Ali is credited with saying, "The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life."  Just don't go around repeating that to anyone younger than thirty.  They need time to take life in and learn.            

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