Friday, April 15, 2016


Today seemed to be a day that I was struggling some with inspiration.  So I looked over our beach pictures because that certainly is one thing that inspires me.  Then I thought that I would make my Friday blog a list of things that inspire me.  The list is quite a list and one that I came up with in less than 5 minutes.  No thinking involved........ just inspirations pouring out from my brain.  What I am trying to tell you is that if I had taken time, the list would probably have 500 more items added on it. In that respect, I know that I am a very lucky person.  Lots of people, places and things inspire me to be the best at being me. Sometimes, I just need a reminder or a swift kick in the rear!


the Love of my life SGM                     our children and grandchildren                     family

friends                                                  babies                                                             music

roses                                                    daisies                                                             sunflowers

laughing                                               shoes                                                               cooking

reading                                                 Texas                                                              writing

bacon                                                    books                                                              journals

smiles                                                   yeast rolls                                                       Oprah

meditation                                            new notebooks and pens                                humming birds

colored printer paper                           Downton Abbey                                             yoga

people watching                                  sharp pencils                                                   travel

Mexican or Italian cuisine                   the beach                                                        gelato

Sunday Crossword Puzzle                   Google                                                            Sudoku

jewelry                                                 Sephora                                                           coupons

cherry blossoms                                   dogs                                                                shopping

cats                                                       IPhone                                                            cuppa tea

Angel perfume                                     hats                                                                 fairies

luxuriously high thread count cotton sheets                                                               fluffy filled duvet

Here is a list of 50 just off the top of my head.  I could explain them.  Some, I am sure need no explanation, as I am sure some of my list may be on others' inspiring lists, too. Ans those that are not?Well that is what makes the world go round............. we are all different in our own unique ways.  Ain't that grand?  Make the most of your upcoming weekend!  

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