Friday, August 26, 2016


Life is just a bowl of cherries.  That is what they say.  So for us all to be able to think of frustrating situations with amusement is a much more positive way to get us to that bowl of cherries.  

For me, today was one absurd moment after another.  It all started at 5:30, which is the usual hour that the neighbor's gigantic dog is let out, watches a leaf blow by and gears up for a barking fit.  It would not be so bad if it were not for the fact that their iron fence is approximately 12 feet away from our bedroom window. In my own mind, I think that the iron helps to make the bark deeper and louder!  For the most part, he is hurdled back inside again quickly. This only happened after we asked our neighbors to please not let him bark outside our window so early in the morning.  This apparently was not the neighborly thing to do, so now our name is mud for being so absurd.  Now it is up to me to choose to be so upset that I can't get back to sleep or to let it go.  Being a dog lover, I know dogs will bark.  It is not the fault of the dog.   It is the inconsiderate owners, who have not taken responsibility for training their dog. My choice is to let it go and fall back into my dreams.  

The next part of my day was spent getting dressed, having breakfast and answering e mails.  One of which was extremely important and required searching for papers and making calls, in order to settle what I thought was already settled.  I had to ask for specific directions of what this company needed from me.  When I made that request, I absurdly spelled out and repeated what he said each time to be sure that I got it right.   

Once that was completed, a wonderful friend called to say that he was on his way over to check on our ceiling fan; had it died or did he need to put in a new one? He did volunteer for the job and we had it planned from the beginning to pay him for his generosity, however, bless his heart, it turned out to be a two and a half hour job. Patrick is not even an electrician, but was doing this on his day off.  Of course, I stayed with him to help him get what he needed for the work he was doing so that he was not going up and down on the ladder.  

During the time that he was here, both my daughter and husband called.  I let them know that he was still here working away and that I needed to get back to help him. Finally, when Patrick, did finish a beautiful, yet very frustrating job of checking the old fan to be sure it was dead (it was) and then installing the new one, I fixed a quick bite to eat and got busy working on my Friday blog page.  I do have lots of topics to start with, however, it was as if writer's block had taken over.  Oh no! What to do?  

As I am asking myself this question, my daughter called to tell me how her absurd and crazy day had been going.  (and it was crazy and much too much to talk about here)  Then my husband called while I was talking to her to tell me that he was leaving work and headed to the grocery store.  I told him my writing problem and then he threw out a few great ideas which helped.  My daughter, then, called again with more absurd stories about her day and the comedy that our precious granddaughter caused at school.  (More of her stories to come in future blogs.)

It did make me slow down, take a brief meditation and just breathe in and breathe out.  It will all be okay.  After all, two very famous writers came to my mind who claimed that they had writer's block. One was Rod Stewart.  He found at a certain time in his career, he could not get one song out on to paper from his brain.  It was rather interesting how he solved his problem about song writing.  He wrote an autobiography, true to himself, without sugar coating his life.  When he had finished the book, songs finally started popping up in his brain. He had enough going on to record a new successful CD.  

Then there was Charles Dickens who claimed any time that he found himself not able to write, that he went for long walks around London to use his observation skills which always gave him ideas for writing.  Since it was pouring down rain here, I really did not have the time to take off to a mall and walk to find some events to write about, when it dawned on me to write about the absurdity of this day.  We all have days like this.  How we choose to respond is what the bottom line is.

Using humor as medicine tends to relieve stress and improve your mood, as well as to put things in perspective is a smart thing to do.  
Writer's block and any other frustration can just be pushed aside when looking at the laughable moments of our days.  If I had gone the other route to allow frustration and irritation to take over by being annoyed with what did not take place when I thought it should have, then nary a thing would have been accomplished. Looking for the humor in whatever it is that is threatening to rile me up is much more fun. Humor is most definitely for people who want to have fun, enjoy life and feel alive.  Absurdity is out there in our world, so we may as well have fun with it.     


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