Monday, August 29, 2016

Let's Get Physical

It is quite exciting to me when I get an idea in my head and set out with a list of how I plan on accomplishing this.  The plan that I am working on now is getting into shape.  Truly it is something uppermost in my mind after having a brief health set back in May. Both sides of my brain are talking to each other on how to manage this feat in the least possible painful way. Note to self:  this plan has to become second nature through daily practice.  No excuses allowed.  

Let me begin with the fact that in order to work out, I feel like I need the right outfits and equipment.  Nothing super fancy;  just a really good pair of sneakers and workout gear that I feel comfortable in.  In past attempts, I have tried going to the gym.  To me, it makes me feel a little self-conscious, in that there are so many in the gym who look as if they don't need to even be there. Now, the intelligent part of me says, "Yes, they look that way because they go faithfully and it is a part of their life."  On the other hand, many of them have never had a problem with diet and exercise and for the most part can eat anything they want.  Aha! That takes us back to the statement above citing that they look like they don't need to be working out.  It is a vicious circle.  They can eat almost anything they wish because they work out.  

Due to my mindset, the gym is ruled out for me but there are plenty of other ways to get physical.  For me, another no-no would be running/jogging.  There are two expressions that I have heard or have seen written.  One is an actual t-shirt that my children got for me as a gift one year.  'I don't run.  And if you ever see me running, you should run too because something is probably chasing me.' The other one is 'I never run with scissors.  Those last two words were not necessary.' 

There is a reason that I feel so strongly about running. One is that two of my doctors told me that this was so bad for a person's joints. And in fact, they both said that if you walk quickly, you will get to the same place, just not quite as fast.  Then, I started to take notice of people walking and jogging in the neighborhood.  Those walking had a much more pleasant look on their faces.  The joggers looked to be in pain.  Well, there you go...that explains the saying of  no pain, no gain.  Except, I don't buy into that theory.  One can become fit without going into pain.  Yes, you might become a little sore or achy from moving a few muscles that have not been moved in a while.  Still, a big difference in the level of pain and the long term effect to your joints.

To me, I do know that getting physical and being active is important in so many ways that we all read and hear about in the media.  Both physically and mentally this helps us all become healthier, we sleep better and we function with a clearer outlook on life.  Never would I judge another person for choosing to be a runner.  If it works for them, that is all that counts.  It just does not work for me.

Now let's move to the other side of this getting physical.  I can get physical with exercise, such as walking, biking and just plain moving my body more.  Let's now focus on the side of what you put into your body for fuel.  Reading and learning more about what is healthy and what is not is like trying to sort out hierglyphics. One day eggs are not so healthy for you and the next day they are excellent for you.  You should not drink alcohol, then it is published that red wine has so many benefits, as does chocolate. Red meat?  Fish?  Vegetarian? And the beat goes on.  Who do you believe?  

For me, I find that the best way to keep your sanity, as well as to keep true to becoming healthier, is to keep the philosophy of moderation.  Everything that I have read regarding moderation makes just good, common sense.  If you tell your body and mind that you can't have something, it is human nature to crave this.   So why not have portion control, using what you need to eat, in order to have the amount of protein, carbs, fats, etc. to be eating in a healthy lifestyle.  Have a reward day so that if you want to share a dessert with a friend, you can do so without guilt.

The apps that our smart phones have and that also go along with Step Counters that we can wear on our wrists can help keep us on track.  Information is out there for us to read and try to stay true to our plan in the happiest way possible.  Notice that I did not say easiest way...there is no 'easy' way, really.  It has to become a part of you and your lifestyle.  This is as simple of a solution that I have found. It is a way that will surely make you happy, knowing that you are taking care of you.  Now, off to do a bit of walking, indoor on the treadmill though.  Heat advisories tend to keep me inside for exercise.   Have fun and let's get physical! 

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