Monday, October 17, 2016


When I looked up in a thesaurus for another word for mo-jo or funk, I found many words that may fit for what the reader was needing.  For me, I found the perfect word:  'BOUNCEBACKABLITY.'  

Have you ever found yourself in that frame of mind?  No real crisis or specific event that put you in that place, necessarily.  You just find yourself there and if you are like me, you don't want to waste time figuring out why.  You just want to bounce back.  Wallowing is not my style.  Also, I am fairly sure that I did not do anything to the universe to upset it.  I just know that I am in need of a pep to my step. I have taken notice as to what helps me move forward. You may have more ways of your own.  Feel free to add them in the comments at the end of this blog.  I have discovered there is not one particular way to bounce back.  Experiment!  In fact, I believe just the variety alone helps me get "it" back.

  • Most important of all is that you MUST realize that you are down in your mo-jo and in desperate need of something to get your bouncebackability in gear.  Take your cape off and just admit it so that you can move on.
  • Sometimes, it can be as simple as taking special care of yourself with a manicure/pedicure, massage or facial.  If you find this is what you may need, then what is stopping you from getting on the phone and making the appointment?  It should demonstrate to yourself that you are a VIP.  You are deserving. (Okay, maybe all 4 in one day is being a bit too decadent? Depends.  HA!)
  • Try to think back to your sleep and diet routine.  Are you getting enough sleep?  Would an afternoon nap help to bring you back to the real you?  Do you need to adjust your going to bed time or waking up time?  Thinking of what you have been eating or drinking could be an answer, too.  Low blood sugar, too many carbs or too much alcohol could be bringing in the low energy level.  Definitely, something to keep an eye on each day. Staying as consistent as possible in sleep and diet is very important.  
  • Movement for up to ten minutes every hour a day is essential, especially for those of us who have sedentary jobs.  This can be a brief walk, dancing to some of your favorite music, or even some yoga moves.  This needs to take place a few times throughout the day to be effective.  One ten minute act of motion will not give you the bouncebackability that you are needing.
  • Don't laugh.  Another movement activity that works is to just take that ten minute movement break and clean your area. Declutter!  Call it a Quick Clean just to help clear out the cobwebs.  (HA!  If you read my blog on Arachnophobia, you would know that I would be using spider spray, too.)
  • Just as in the TV show Do You Want To Be a Millionaire, you can call a friend.  Always good to just chat or get another view on things.  
  • Journaling is a very essential part of my day.  I get to write what I am feeling out on paper.  Nothing held back.  In fact, I do find that this helps me NOT have that many bouncebackability days. You keep your feeling out there and claim them.  Take ownership.
  • Creativity in any form is a grand way to  help bounce back. Painting does not have to be a formal act with formal training. Paint from your soul.  Simple lines and forms, using colors that please you, or making a small garden or sculpture.  Do something that you know you are capable of and that will push you along the path of the bouncing ball.
  • If you have read other blogs from me, then you could have guessed that sooner or later yoga and/or meditation was going to find a way to come into play.  Just give yourself some quiet time, time to reflect and then time to clear your head of all thoughts.  Yoga can count towards the ten minutes of movement.  Two for the price of one!  Don't you love bargains?
  • Have you ever given yourself a bouquet?  It could come from your own garden or go to the florist and get your favorite flowers to place in view of your workspace to enjoy.  It says that you are important.  You mean something!  And yes, of course, YOU DO!  
  • A most wonderful thing to experience is to take a bubble bath just because you can.  Perhaps not every time that you do this, but I highly suggest that you try it at least once with a glass of champagne and then tell me that you don't feel like you could bounce your way out of anything!  
  • Perhaps, you do not get enough time to read.  To read not so much for information, just to read for enjoyment, such as the kind of book that will remove you from reality and let your imagination flow, taking you to imaginary places.  
  • Take yourself off  the work site and visit a museum.  This will put a whole new perspective on life.  Maybe, this is taking too much time away, so go ahead and just google some and plan a trip somewhere like a museum.  The planning process alone is known to be restorative.  
Here, on this page are thirteen ways that I use to help get my 'Bouncebackability' in check.  Truly, I could name more, so maybe a future blog with other ways mentioned will be up and coming, so I repeat...please, if you have something that helps you, just click on comments at the end of this blog and share with me.  Follow the bouncing ball!

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