Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Who is 'THEY?'

There are times that I nonchalantly throw out a question to someone, really not anticipating a deeply researched response, more for conversation and in return get a totally unexpected answer.  Examples:  'So, do you think this cold front is coming on in tonight?'  RESPONSE:  'THEY say it is to blow in at midnight.' Who is 'THEY?'  Or a work related question about a project and being told that 'THEY want it completed a certain way by a certain date.'  Who is 'THEY?'  Maybe I need to ask a real live human being the question so I really need a specific name. 'THEY' is not found in my list of contacts.   

If 'THEY' had planned this better, then we would not have this problem.  The major question comes to my mind over and over again.  Do 'THEY' even exist or is it the figment of some delusional imagination to cast the responsibility on someone else, mainly some non-existent 'THEY.'

The reason is because in reality...'THEY' is 'US.'  In other words, the pronouns should be I, me, us, or we.  It would be 'US' all taking ownership.  'WE' should have planned better and then there would have been no problem.  Check specific weather stations to find out forecasts instead of throwing out the too easy to use, 'THEY.'

By using 'THEY', we are giving someone the edge of being the boss, the know it all.  'THEY' seem to be the most powerful organization in the world.  'THEY' are everywhere.  And in this election time, oh my, let's not even get into that too deeply.  I have read, as I am sure that you have too, some pretty wild claims of one candidate against the other, coming from both sides, of 'THEY' did this or this, with no founding evidence.  Simply because someone named 'THEY' said it was true, it gets plastered in the news. Believe me, the candidates do enough on their own that can be proven, and do not need any help from all of the 'THEYS' of the world.  

Many times, I just want to throw up my hands and ask a usually intelligent friend if he/she truly believes what 'THEY' say about the candidates particular stance on a specific topic and what proof do they have or where was it sourced?  This is where the rumors start and the nastiness seeps in to the news.  'THEY' are everywhere. And 'WE' need to stop them when we can.  

Until I researched this thought, I was not aware that one of Daughtery's songs was titled, Who's They?  As I listened to the lyrics, I interpreted them to be saying that 'THEY' say we need to be a certain way to fit a certain idealism.  But, who's 'THEY?'  The best part was that I heard the words 'WE' can't go wrong if 'WE' stand together and stand tall.  Have you had enough of 'THEY' to get back on the track that 'WE' should be on?  I have!  Just believe in 'US.'

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