Friday, December 15, 2017

Do Pets Know That It Is the Holiday Season?

Let me begin with the fact that just like all of us, I also believe that I have a very intelligent pet. First of all, he is a goldendoodle, who are known for their intelligence. My question is to the point: do pets know that it is the holiday season and if so, how?

The picture above is actually our very own Davis, posing by his stocking that has his name engraved on it. He goes over to this stocking ever so often every day and nudges it as if to say, "So when will there be stuff in my stocking?" How does he know something will be in there? He just turned 1 year old, so it is not something that he has ever experienced before.

After doing just a short amount of researching, I found that our pets do get excited at Christmas (and other special days) basically because they are feeling our own excitement of special holidays. We are chatting about the light displays, presents, Christmas carols and shows, tacky, ugly Christmas sweaters, shopping, wrapping presents, Santa Claus, elves and reindeer with our friends and family.

Snow comes into the picture in many parts of the country and certain breeds of dogs get very excited when the flakes start falling. With certain dogs, it brings on a whole new problem as they are having fun in the snow; figuring out how to melt the snowballs from their fur before coming in the house? 

Dogs, it seems may have up to 160 words in their vocabulary to understand. Now, whether they listen all the time, is another whole story. Davis, our dog, has selective hearing when he deems it necessary. It is still delightful to think that he gets excited about the holidays, whatever it is that he understands. He takes the cues that we give out, both verbal and in our body language.

He loves the tree and the baubles, which we keep safely in a room where he is never, ever allowed alone for safety reasons. Davis also adores boxes, and for sure he will be loving whatever will be arriving just for him whether they be special treats or new toys! He is just like a little child, in that he is just as happy with the empty box to play with for a while. 

With all of the people around, he is getting extra quality attention. Lots of loving and petting happening, which is what most dogs thrive on - to be the center of attention. No matter how smart your dog may be, keeping him safe, showing him attention and possibly a new toy or treat will keep him happy always. Let's not just save that for Christmas. 

So to answer my question about whether pets know that it is the holiday season, my response is, "I BELIEVE!"

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