Monday, December 4, 2017

Life Is Not a Problem To Be Solved

As the quote goes: "Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced." This was stated by Soren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher from the 1800's.  I actually borrowed this quote off my husband's Facebook page. It made such perfect sense to me. In my opinion, too many people (me included at times) feel as if life is a problem, or at least presents problems that must be solved when actually life is reality that we all must experience. How we experience it (respond to it) will always be the path that we choose to take in each adventure set before us in life. s
None of us have a crystal ball that will let us know what will be popping up in our lives. The expression that, Life Happens, Stuff Happens or even the more vulgar expression which people put on their cars as decals: Shit Happens is the reality. The question is how will we each respond. A knee-jerk reaction is usually not the way to respond, nor is a long drawn out detailed plan.

We just go happily along our way with our lives and then up pops a roadblock. How I deal with that roadblock is what I am writing about. The optimist in me will not let me stay down about a roadblock for long. Yes, I have my moments of venting and by dang, I am allowed that. We all are. The question is how long are we going to stay on that part of the road and will it start to spiral downwards taking us with it? 

I am much too stubborn for that. I have learned that happiness is a by-product of what I allow in my life. When I focus on this, happiness just occurs. We all must accept the uncertainty of life and instead of fighting it, go with the flow and find where you can gather your peace to be with each new adventure, good or bad. Accept what can't be changed, appreciate what you do have.

Being around supportive people will always help, as well as not being afraid to ask for assistance when needed. Sometimes this is just for them to be a sounding board without being judgmental. Those are the kinds of people that we need to surround ourselves with. 

One of the worst things that I have ever done is to try to compare myself to others and how their lives have turned out. We all have to realize that each person has their own trials and tribulations; some of which we may never know of because we do not walk in their shoes. Appearances are not everything. 

Being ready to celebrate my own successes is so very important, no matter how small, they are MY successes. At the same time, celebrating the success of others is just as important. Always look for the wonder in the little things. Those little things will eventually add up to a BIG thing. It is just a matter of being patient (which is not always that easy for me). I must remind myself to just marinate in the moment instead of overthinking each situation.

For my final words, I would like to say that another hard piece of this reality puzzle is to know when to slow down. Listen to my body. Stop being concerned about what others may think. We all have our own personal life journeys. Where the road goes for some may not lead others down the same path. That is okay. It is my reality and it is for me to experience...all of it...the good, the bad and the ugly. 

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