Monday, December 11, 2017

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to ME! Here it is, not quite 11:30 A.M., and I have already had a marvelous, wonderful day! Our home is being cleaned and tidied up by our super cleaning team, Steve took me out for a quiet and delicious breakfast before I started writing my Monday blog and so many friends have sent me well wishes for a Happy Day! How can one not be so very grateful for these special blessings?

Having a birthday in the month of December seems to just get better and better. Either I have mellowed out or those around me seem to try to make it a special day so that it does not get caught up in the celebration of Christmas. Maybe it is actually a bit of both.

Our family has our share of December birthdays, plus one birthday that is eleven days into the New Year. Lots of celebrating going on around here. Each person gets their special day, with NO Christmas paper - Happy Birthday paper only. It can be overwhelming trying to keep the two separate, however, it is not impossible. 

There is a special benefit when used properly and not too often. When a loved one has a special gift that they may want or need, yet the cost if just too much for either Christmas, much less a birthday makes it easier to combine the two. Mind you, it has to be very, very special. 

Having a birthday during the Christmas sales times is not a bad thing either. One outing that my daughter and I have shared was going out on her birthday, which is just after Christmas for clothes. Most items are 50% off, so you get two for the price of one; double the amount of clothes. 

This year she will be surprised for sure. The only clue given here will be that there are no clothes involved. Why? Because she helps to proof-read my blogs. So 21 days of not knowing what her gift(s) may be will probably do her in. Sorry, Charlie! Hoping that her work and two children will keep her occupied. One can only dream!

As the day moves on, I walk by my Birthday presents and cards waiting for the moment that comes when I can open and give a "Cheers" to my fellow Sagittarian husband. 

Just a heads up to my readers; some Mondays and Fridays in the month of December, as well as New Year's Day may only have a picture with very few words. The CEO of made this wise decision. Kisses and hugs to all and a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year.

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