Monday, September 23, 2019

Two Goldendoodles

If you do a search on Facebook for 'Goldendoodles by Kim's Design', this is the precious picture that you will see, along with a bit more information. The breeder is Kim Mills Davis, who you can also find on Facebook. Through a high school friend, my husband and I got to talk with Kim and visit where she has her kennel. We have become good friends and we keep in touch. On her page, she posted the following story with pics. She told the story of how we came about being a two doodle family. It was told with such love that it so touched my heart. I can tell you that Kim has been a reputable breeder for many years.  Her doodles are simply wonderful. We have even stayed in touch in a local group with siblings of the litters that were both there when we got Davis.

As told by Kim:

This is a little story about Davis, the black doodle, and his sister, Maggie Mae, the apricot doodle. Davis was an only dog living the perfect dog life

when something completely unexpected happened to him.  His parents decided he needed a sister. There was concern as to whether Davis was going to allow another doodle to share his home with him.  The day came when Davis and his Mom and Dad came to my kennel to pick out his new baby sister. 

Davis wasn't too excited and reluctantly looked over the puppies.  His parents chose his new sister and back home they went.  Davis thought this may be the beginning of the end.  However, this wasn't the nightmare he expected but the beginning of a loving new relationship.  Davis is thrilled he has a sister to protect and play with forever.

He loved teaching her how to be safe on the staircase. Their communication is priceless. Having two doodles has taught me well about how much more advance that dogs communicate than most humans.

Davis loved teaching her how to pose at my desk by the computer to get my attention. He obviously knew that I needed a break from my writing and research.

When she finished all of her rounds of shots, she was finally allowed to go to Walnut Grove Animal Clinic Doggie Day Care.  Davis was not ever too keen on the climbing toys, so he was very protective of Maggie Mae going on the top of one.

Davis is much more the water dog. This is at Day Care also. He is usually in the pool with Maggie Mae watching, however, once the hose was out, he went to great heights to prove just how much he adored the water.

Maggie Mae finally grew tall enough to look out of the window and the sheer joy of having the wind in her face. She is seat-belted on one side, while Davis is on the other. Lucky us! We have doggie nose art prints on both sides of our car windows.

One thing is for sure. These two doodles adore each other. Even when they go to Day Care, the whole team has told us that they never stray too far apart, just checking in with other now and then. 

All you need is love and two goldendoodles. Life is grand! If by chance, you are interested or know of someone who may be interested, Kim has a new litter due on October 5th. She is taking deposits now. These are F1bb puppies. Her contact information if on Goldendoodles by Kim's Design, or message her on her FB page, or you may even contact me for further information. ( 

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