Sunday, September 29, 2019


Before I begin throwing out the randomness that goes on frequently in my head, let's get on the same page about what I am talking about by checking out the definitions given to randomness. According to the official definitions it is the quality or state of lacking a pattern or principle of organization; unpredictability, oddness or eccentricity. I also like to throw in scattered, as in thinking or planning.

  • Starting with fashion, with jeans does one wear a white shirt or a black shirt and is it ok to wear a denim jacket when wearing jeans?

  • Do most people actually look in the mirror before they go out in public, even if it is only to the grocery? I'm not saying that everyone should be consumed with fashion but not everyone wants to see you in those shorts and sweaty shirt that you worked out at the gym in. (Let's not mention the smell!) Leggings are very fashionable, as long as the top is a tunic style that covers your rear end. I don't care what kind of fantastic shape you are in. Cover it up! Use a mirror and look at yourself from the rear.
  • Football weekend (Both British and American in this household) - college games really bummed me out because most of "my teams" lost, more like were annihilated and who came up with the Ole Miss Land Sharks? And even naming him Tony? Is there such a thing? Well, apparently there is. A landshark is one who comes out of nowhere and snag's another person's food before they know what's happening. Any land mammal can be a landshark, as long as it uses speed to steal someone's food. What does this have to do with football? I am well aware of the controversy over Col. Rebel and the flag. Could the two be separated? 
  • Getting sloshed and silly - probably in memory of college days brought this random thought to mind while talking of Ole Miss. I left for college at 17, not to turn 18 until December. Never had a drink before, except a quick taste of someone's. Blah! That changed rather quickly. Oh the freshman year! Boone's Farm Strawberry wine and kegs of beer. One memory that has been told over and over by roommates to my children and anyone else who would listen was the night that we were out drinking and there was no way we would be back in time for curfew. (back in the dark ages, yes we had curfews and no cell phones) We found a telephone booth which required that one of us had to spew out loads of numbers for our calling cards to an operator and then give her the number that we wanted her to call on the card, but best of all? Then had to sound coherent to our dorm mother. Of all people the 5 of them chose me. And, I can proudly say that I pulled it off. Just a random thought that comes to mind now and then.

  • Having one goldendoodle was just heavenly. Once he became two years old, oh wow, it was marvelous. We sort of forgot the life that we led when he was a puppy. Like getting up at all hours when he needed out. We were happy when he made it to 5 AM, then finally 6 and if we woke sooner than that he would look at us in amazement that we expected him to get up and go out to do his business.
Could we leave well enough alone? Random thoughts of how wonderful two doodles would be...and so it was.

Two doodle family and they are just about inseparable. Frustrating at times? Yes! But the joy they bring to our lives is so amazing.

  • Thinking about being stuck in an elevator. Has it happened to you? Twice it happened to me. Both times I was alone. Once at work. I never, ever took that elevator again. When you are carrying a heavy laptop and wearing heels, going three floors seemed to be daunting. Much easier to catch the elevator. After being stuck once, I brought my Sketchers to throw on when I had three floors to travel carrying heavy things. 
  • The second time was a bit more frightening. I was going to the 9th floor and somewhere around the 7th floor the building power went out. Total darkness. The elevator came to an abrupt halt. I did start my breathing techniques to calm myself down. Ha! I was still in a panic. Pushing every red emergency button there was. Finally, I just sat on the floor and thinking that maintenance and security had to be familiar with procedures to go through in a building this tall with 6 elevators. So I did breathe my way through the 15 minutes, that seemed like well over an hour before I was rescued.
  • With all of the political controversy going on, randomness runs rampant through my mind on this one. What if I were President and what would I do differently? There are many things, but I am not going to take that route. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The biggest thing that I believe is that the POTUS should NOT be using social media. Stop that twittering! Enough, already! That is all I am saying about that random topic.
  • Last, at least for today's randomness thinking is remote controls.. Why must they be so complicated? There is one TV that we watch (luckily, the one we watch the most) that I can work the remote. Why? I was the one home when the TV was installed, so they took care of putting up the curved flat screen, hiding all of the wires, setting the sound bar and then proceeded to press buttons to turn it on and leave with me. Oh no, no, no. It does not work that way. I insisted on lessons and took notes. (for real!) What button to push and why to get to where I wanted to be. This probably took an extra 30 minutes. Credit to them, they were patient and I can work this TV remote like a pro. (unless we lose power and it all has to be set up again, or at least some of the details must be).

I believe that I think randomly quite frequently. I have many more random thoughts that fly though my mind quite often. I will be returning to this as a blog topic with a whole new list of random thoughts. Such as:


  1. -With jeans, one can wear any color top one chooses. Jeans are neutral (as are white and black) and you can wear patterns, bright colors, whatever.
    - your own son rarely looks in the mirror before leaving for the public. and I wear holy shirts. You attempted to raise me right, but this is one point of teenage antagonism that has become part of my own personality. And it doesn't bother me at all what anyone might think.
    - Saints won and Tulane didn't play. Don't care about other footballers. Didn't know land sharks was happening -- is that a Jimmy Buffett reference? Or a beer reference? Sounds dumb.
    - Don't think the sloshed story can be considered "random" anymore. That one is programmed into your brain forever.
    - you're both crazy for adopting another dog. We love maggie may, but I though Davis was more than enough for y'all.
    - I got stuck once. I pried the doors open and climbed out. The poor pregnant girl couldn't do the same, but we got her some help. Emma also got "stuck" once at Mardi Gras. She pushed all the floor buttons and too many people got in my way as she climbed back into the elevator and I couldn't catch the door. We posted someone at all the 3 floors and got her -- she was pretty upset about it, but doesn't make the mistake of wandering off quite as much anymore
    - Trump loves to be defined by his tweets. I agree with you, he only riles people up by posting his unfiltered thoughts, but whatever. He's really not much different than when we elected him.
    - Get yourself a Logitech Harmony. Turns your phone into a remote. You can program it to look like anything you want. And you have single pushbutton settings for things like "watching a movie." It'll set up your sound and visuals and devices -- it's brilliant. I'm sure other companies have similar gadgets. It consolidates all those stupid remotes into something useful for you. So you don't need an hour long training session. (though the initial setup does take some time)
    - Cinderella's shoe didn't fit after all? Scandal! Next you'll tell me Scar was innocent and Mufasa's death was all Simba's fault! (technically, it is true)

  2. You are totally priceless, Doug Brown. Glad you joined in on the "randomness." It is most definitely YOU, too. Plus, you were most definitely 'spot on' with yours in response to mine. HA! Jimmy Buffet could have a lank shark song. All along, I thought it was something just made up and it is a real word. Just does not fit Oxford. In the football pool Steve, aka The Dangling Doodles, was the only person who chose the Saints. He pulled that one off. Emma learned a lesson, if only for a while, about not wandering off. Jenn learned that at the Globetrotters game. I found her on the shoulders of a police officer. And all this time I thought Cinderalla's shoe not fitting was scandalous. Now I must wonder about Scar? So much randomness out there. xx