Monday, January 23, 2017

Due To Human Training

Today I will simply apologize for not having a proper blog.  The day was spent training the two humans who live now with this precious, loving puppy.  Let me explain the two pictures above. The top picture is the "angel" sound asleep by a footstool.  He is so dark that it is rather hard to tell that this is Davis, our curly, wavy soft and furry little puppy.  He looks so sweet and innocent.

The next picture is the closed off study where his crate is and where I work.  He is being crate trained and he rather loves his little home.  He definitely keeps it clean.  As you can see, he has pulled everything out  EVERYTHING! An old towel, his red blankey, old black socks that he loves, an old handkerchief, an all natural chew toy and 4 others that did not make it in the picture.   

Of course, we do not keep him locked up in his crate all day.  It is where he sleeps each night.  During certain periods of the day, he does go in so that I can write.  It is totally true that you can't take your eyes off your puppy for a moment.  He will find trouble that you never imagined.  The smarter they are, the more they find.  Of course, our little genius, Einstein, is most definitely curious about everything and nothing new escapes him.

So each day, we have had new plans to help with this problem. Some have worked and some fell flat over.  Today, I think that I came up with something and it will be taking most of the day to do some reorganizing so that I can work and he can play.  He is doing a great job so far of training his owners.  

His expressive eyes looked at us and if a speech bubble had popped up over his head it would have said, "So why did you do that?"  He is right.  Bless his heart, he will just move on to something new and exciting. Another plan will be born. Other goldendoodle owners, as well as Kim Mills Davis, the special breeder, all share great ideas that have worked with their puppies. 


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