Monday, January 30, 2017

The Secret to a Good Day

Yes, it is so very true, a person may not be a great early morning person, just more of a late in the morning person.  I am the perfect example of this.  Since I have retired from a "normal" job, I have had the luxury of experimenting with my routine.  The sound of an alarm clock going off at the insane, crazy time of 5:30 is no longer a must-do.   You should understand that I was spoiled by the fact that it was not just any alarm clock blaring in my ear, but a Bose CD player that had the easy listening tone of Van Morrison crooning to me.  The trouble was that he started off low and sweet and then if I did not get up, the Tupelo Honey just grew louder and louder.  One had no choice but to get up or else drive on down to Tupelo to take care of that honey, personally.  Not a good way to start one's day. A much calmer approach would be to give thanks that an amazing singer is softly singing me awake to a beautiful day.

Now, I do like my routine of the alarm going off no earlier than 6:30.  Seven is even better, it is just that now a new puppy is involved and he tends to need to go out at 6:30.  I am hoping that as he grows, he will make it another thirty minutes.  For now, I use this early time for a little stretching, plus a few lunges. Everyone has their own personal preference about when they like to do their exercise rituals.  All studies say the morning is the best time and energizes your body and mind for the day.  One day, I may be able to buy into this theory.  For now, I find that I need a little stretching, a hot shower, a cup of hot coffee and a bit of make-up on to start my day off on a positive note.

After dressing and tending to our puppy, I tend to check out my 
e mail, make a healthy breakfast and have a little meditation time with whatever positive mantra that is on my mind for the day.  It always gets posted on my Face Book page. It is my statement for me.  Several people usually click they like it or may add a comment or two, which is great. Even some friends have told me in private that they look forward to reading my post for the day, even though they never acknowledge it on line.  It is very humbling to have others liking to see what I may write on staying positive.  Most definitely, something that I will never, ever take for granted.

Once I have had breakfast, and taken care of a bit of business, it is puppy play time.  With commands that he is learning quickly, it is fun to play fetch, sit, catch, down and stay with him.  Usually, when he tires out, he plops in his bean bag chair and rolls over on his back to chew his rawhide.  Definitely, would put a smile on any 'Debbie Downer's' face.  He may eventually wander over to my desk and sit by me chewing on his rawhide.  This is when I am usually able to organize and prioritize my day into how I will work. 

Researching and putting words to paper work best for me during this time.  I am fully awake and feeling my most creative.  There are times that I have to be a bit more flexible and not dead set in one particular routine.  Whether it is an appointment that had to be made at this time or the puppy who did not want to totally cooperate with a routine...the key to working it out is flexibility.  I will never let it throw me off my game plan. It is truly a matter of switching between cycles of focused work to constructive rest. There is a huge difference between constructive rest and goofing off.

This is a drastic way of changing my thinking of how I should be working as a writer.  I have learned that I can't force the flow. Being kinder to myself actually produces more and is so much more less stressful.  Now, I actually take breaks for tea, for reading, for painting and for walking.  Sometimes, I actually do a bit of housework in little steps, such as empty/load the dishwasher or washer/dryer.  Have you ever had a problem that needs solved and amazingly enough, the answer comes to you while you are in the shower washing your hair?  Your subconscious brain continues to work on the solution.  In reality, more gets done in my world by taking care of all of my needs and just being more well-rounded.  It is about believing in yourself and listening to what you know that your spirit, body, mind and soul all need.  I am so proud that I have learned why it is important to be this courageous. Whenever I feel that I need a reminder, I look back on what I have written in my daily journal and am amazed at what can happen when you feed your whole being.

NEVER forget how awesome you are!  

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