Monday, July 31, 2017

All You Need Is Love

There recently was an article in an NPR publication about self-care. What caught my attention was that it was stating that millennials "no surprise" is the generation that devotes the most time and money to the self-care industry. This article goes on to say that they are so individualistic, obviously in comparison to all others before them. To this, I totally disagree. I am a show me the facts kind of person.

Self-care existed way before this generation of millennials did. It is a way of taking care of yourself, so that you may be able to better help others. It gives one a self-awareness where as it helps you to have and encourages self-love.

Since I am in a totally different generation which is the baby boomers, I am coming from a different point of view than the author of this article (Christianna Silva) and although I respect her thoughts on the subject I would like to point out some obvious oversights.

When I go into a gym, I actually see less millennials than others. The same thing with nail and hair salons. I believe what was being stated is that the younger generation use the Internet to get more from workouts and diet coaching. This is a point that I will not argue about. Thank goodness that the "old fashioned" way of actually going to the gym and having a personal coach is still very much the thing to do.  

There is something that we all tend to forget and that is self-care does not need and should not be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - something out of our reach. It should not be forced or stress you out. What works for some, may not work for you. 

I tend to be a more random type person. Spontaneous, even with my list of "to-do's." And yes, sometimes I actually write down some of my own self-care activities that I want to put into my day. Nothing is wrong with that. When my body tells me that it needs a break, then I listen. It does not need to be a long break. The expression of, "Take 5" sometimes is all you need. 

During this time, it may be a short walk around, closing my eyes for a few moments, reading or writing , changing up the music in my office, or making a phone call to a loved one just to ask how they are doing.

My lists of things to help me take care of me range from five minutes to longer periods of time, depending on the activity. You need to choose your own and find out what makes you happiest. I am giving you some of the activities that work for me.

  • singing or humming along with the music that is playing
  • using aromatherapy for the mood that I want to surround me 
  • laughing - out loud - lately, I have been using my Alexa, to give me jokes for the day that I share
  • short spurts of decluttering all around me which in turn tend to make me more productive
  • taking walks, which right now due to some still needed physical therapy, are short - yet I still get up and move and am mindful about it
  • make a quiet time - it can be reading, power napping, or just stopping long enough to smell the roses
  • tune out the news - news would have us believe that we are all going to hell in a hand basket if you listen to what the reporters say - there are so many happy stories out there in real life - make it a point to find them
  • taking care of my soul by writing what I am grateful for instead of focusing on what I do not have, it makes for a happier me when I think of what I do have

Through watching others, I dare not put a general stereo-type with all millennials, nor Baby Boomers (or any of the other generations that preceded them.) That would be very judgmental of me. There are different ways that we all go about taking care of ourselves (or not!) What I do want to promote is just how important it is to have a plan so that we can all live more harmoniously in such a beautiful world.
The Beatles got it right, All You Need Is Love!

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