Friday, July 14, 2017

Hot Is Hot!

You scientific minds out there can argue with me all that you want. I won't be arguing back because I know that your mind is already made up. When you tell me that it is much more tolerable at 110 degrees when there is no humidity vs 90 degrees with humidity, I beg to differ. My body differs or maybe it is all in my head. Hot is hot.

In the heat of the summer, as in the dead of winter, I really had rather not listen to the weather forecasts. They are all just downright depressing. It is summer time now and it is suppose to be hot. Expect it. Get over it. Make plans accordingly. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. I have had the opportunity to experience high heat with little humidity and I can tell you that it is hot, hot, hot! I believe the only real difference that I may have noticed is that I did not "glow" as much. 

In the South, it is a known fact that women "glow" in the humidity and it is supposed to be so good for your skin. Preventing dry skin and wrinkles developing prematurely. Actually, if you check out pictures, of humans living in a humid location vs drier air, you usually can see this phenomenon for yourself. Now this is not anything scientific that I am basing this observation on. Simply a very basic scanning of faces. There could be other factors thrown in such as DNA, how you care for your skin, time spent in the sun without proper protection, etc.

At a very early age, I can remember my grandmother and mother both giving me moisturizer to put on my face and body. They did this nightly and started my habit of the same steps. Now whether or not this worked for this reason or because they were prone to good skin down through the female line? Who's to say? Still...I am not taking chances and believe wholeheartedly in taking care of my skin.

When the weather forecaster says it will be a day of the three H's, just be prepared. Hazy, hot and humid is not something to play around with if you want to feel and look your best.

While we are at talking about looking your best, let me also mention hair in humid weather. Everyone is a little different so I am speaking from my own experience. My hair puffs up and gets bigger. If I spend time blowing it out with the dryer and using a straightner then I have wasted about 30-45 minutes. My hair is that thick and it seems that the more humid it is, the longer it takes my hair to dry. 

I happen to have the best hairdresser in the world and the best tip that he ever gave me was to go with the flow. My hair is naturally wavy and curly. He calls me one of the lucky ones because I can wear my hair staight or curly, easily interchangeable. So for the summer, he calls it "beach hair." I have noticed magazines do this to. Wash your hair and put in some curly goo to scrunch it the way you want and then let it go. (Bumble and Bumble makes several good products.)Too much touching will frizz it up while it is wet. A simple scrunching motion now and then until it dries works. Then, once it is dry, put on a dab of oil made for your tresses. Any frizziness disappears and your hair will look as if you spent hours styling it. Another benefit is that when you wake up, your hair is already basically styled. Win/Win!

If you live where it is hot and humid, then take advantage of learning the tricks to make it work for you. Then again...there is always Iceland?

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