Friday, July 21, 2017


Just the other day after my quiet meditation time, I posted my mantra for the morning, "BE YOU!" Little did I know that it would be what I would write my Friday blog about. Obviously, it was on my mind. In order to believe in yourself, you must be you. Pleasing yourself first is most important and the way to accomplish this is to be you by believing in yourself. 

It is true that just like everyone else (at least that is my assumption) we all have our moments of doubt about ourselves. Well, maybe not the big egomaniacs out there, and yes, there are plenty of them. However, my thoughts on them are simple. Their self doubts are so strong that it seems to force them to behave the way that they do. The saying that if you have to tell everyone who you are and what all you can do then it probably is not true. Actions speak louder than words. 

There are healthy self doubts and then there are ones that seem to force big egos to go out of control. I hope that I always can remain in the control category. This is one of the reasons that I post a milestone positive quote each day and sometimes more than one. I need it for me to push myself forward and have the belief in myself that I can accomplish whatever I desire if I work hard enough.

If it takes sitting down making a list of what I have accomplished, then so be it. A list of what I admire about me? Yes! It also means listening to those around me. Those who care about me will always give me those positive vibes about what I am good at. Moving past what I think I have failed at and work on what I am good at for a starter is the best way for me remain positive.

Once that takes hold, then comes the time to start one project at a time concerning what I need to work on for self-improvement for me. Notice that I said, "FOR ME." I am not working on my novel for others. Yes, I hope to entertain others with it, yet the accomplishment of actually doing it is for me.

Moving more into my personal life, I have to believe in me and I want for me to be healthy by eating right and exercising. I can't do it for others. It has to be mine to take ownership. I know that I have to be patient and take it in steps. It did not happen overnight and I have had a few little setbacks (not excuses - true set backs). The time now has come to move forward, just not at the speed of light. Baby steps at first and then picking up some speed along the way is how to accomplish my goals.

Just as I start each day with a positive mantra, I like to end my days with self-reflection. I do this by writing in my journal about my successes or perhaps an obstacle that may have gotten in my way with plans on how to avoid that from stopping me the next day. It is a matter of being persistent without beating yourself up. 


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