Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Comfort Zones

Today I read a statement that said a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.  I shared this as my daily personal mantra with others and received many statements about how true this really is. I even looked up some quotes on the comfort zone and was amazed to find many statements very similar to this one.  

Our comfort zones are beautiful places.  We are happy and content being there, for the most part.  For a moment, please think about exactly what that means.  The most scientific definition of what a comfort zone is related to anxiety levels.  Comfort zones will keep our anxiety levels relatively low.  We are doing things that we know.  Familiar activities such as watching TV, cooking the same recipe that we always have, or doing a job at work the same way that it always has been done. 

If traffic is in a frenzy and you must go a different route, this will probably take you out of your comfort zone and add anxiety to your day.  A little anxiety is not always a bad thing, in fact, it can be very beneficial.  Sometimes we need a little push to take us away from our comfort zone.  What we need to watch out for is the panic zone.  Step away from your comfort zone to your learning zone where everything is not familiar and you must learn some new skills and try to do things differently.  If you go too far, the anxiety level will be too high and nothing new will get accomplished.

Things in life don't always go our way so we must find peace in the learning zone in order to move ahead.  Things are not always going to be in our little comfort zone space and if they were we would be quite boring.  Just think of the people that you know.  People naturally gravitate to those who have stepped out of their comfort zone because they are fun to be around.

Uncertainty is what brings on anxiety and takes us out of our comfort zone.  New things make us put up our guard and take more energy, therefore making it easier to remain in status quo. Whenever you mix some anxiety and self-doubt with personal feelings or success is when personal growth can take place and your confidence level grows.  You will have a more exciting life because you are enjoying more things that life has to offer.

Trying new things whether in your personal life or work life will expand your horizons and motivate you to do more and learn more. How far you want to push, in most instances, is your choice.  In your work environment - not always the case.  Changes can be dictated down to you and you then have the choice to embrace it or step out of the comfort zone to try something new or to be miserable and whiny. Go ahead and take a chance, just watch out  - you may learn something new and like it.   

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