Friday, July 22, 2016

I Get the News I Need on the Weather Report

If you have not connected the dots yet, please allow me to shed some light on the subject matter to help you.  Traumatic events in the news causes spikes of stress in all of us.  There is a significant influence on our mental health with repetitive showings of traumatic and violent clips and images that cause even further extreme reactions from some individuals.

Media is blamed, however, consumers are equally responsible.  We have the power to turn the knob switch to the off position.  It has been proven that there is a biological instinct to pay close attention to potential threats however. obsessively researching traumatic events can eat away at our mental health to the point of not rationally thinking. The media can warp your world view if you allow it.

To achieve a more holistic way of thinking is to focus on the good news such as medical advancements, peace in some parts of the world, good samaritan deeds, random acts of kindness, etc.  This helps our brains to balance out all perspectives of our world.

Look around you and you will see that the world is not falling apart and we are not going to hell in a handbasket, but the media would have us believe this to be true.  The news can be and is violent, depressing and hateful as well as emotionally charged.  All of this can mess with our heads.  It is out there and we must acknowledge it in order to help stop it.  Acknowledging it is not watching and listening to the same stories over and over.  There is a difference.

Negative news can significantly change our moods and our own personal concerns.  It may affect how you interact and interpret the world around you.  Definitely a more positive form of journalism would benefit us all.  It helps us to become problem solvers and not another problem in the world.

Sometimes it helps to turn off the TV and listen to the healing powers of music.  When I put on my Pandora while working the other day, I found it interesting that a Simon and Garfunkel song came up called "The Only Living Boy in New York."  As I listened to the lyrics closely I heard a line that said, "I get the news I need on the weather report."  Hmmm!  I thought to myself that is one way to handle the problem.  

Let's not oversimplify, however, we need to balance our media intake.  Yes, find out what is going on in the world, by all means. No need to replay the events over and over and over again.  Move on to a positive position, shake it off, as best that you can and learn how not to add and be a part of the drama.

Social media such as Face Book, Twitter or others can do a person's head in if you allow it.  There is such a thing as scrolling on down the page and humming to yourself, "Silence is Golden."  Yes, your eyes will still see, yet if you focus on all negatives or events and ideas that bring your stress levels up then you are playing right into the drama.  As an example, I did see in our news about how a positive idea was suggested and had many others jumping on that bandwagon.  I thought to myself, there you together to try to help unite communities.  Only to later on see a well known journalist write about what kind of foolishness this was and she would not be a part of it. My words to that is that thank goodness we live where all can voice our opinions and have choices.  Just as it is our choice to not take part in the negative impacts thrown our way every day. 

We have not only the right, but an obligation to move on down the road to help establish a more loving and caring, positive world.  So, where will you get your news from?

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