Friday, July 15, 2016

Feeling Like a Member of Royalty

Readers may take the picture above literally.  I know that I am writing it just in that manner, because there are many ways that each and every one of us can feel like a member of royalty.  We each are responsible for our own happiness.  

In my own world, I feel very fortunate, in that I married my soul-mate, who against all odds, met in our 40's and moved to the same city a week apart from each other.  For me it was a mere 8 1/2 hour move.  For him, a British citizen, it was 4,283 miles away move. And somehow, we managed to meet in the months to come.  

Once we met and got to know each other, I traveled with him to England on different occasions to meet his family and friends. He always managed to find time to make me feel like a Queen by taking me through Warwick Castle, Winston Churchill's home, plays at West End theaters in London, as well as The Royal Shakespeare Theater in Stratford upon Avon.  We visited the off beat city of Glastonbury, watched corny famous pantamines, tried to visit Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace (she was busy), drove through Notting Hill (where I was on the look out for Hugh Grant) and shopped in little boutiques, as well as Harrods and Marks & Spencer department stores.  You could never imagine my surprise at the difference in supermarkets, such as Tesco, versus our stores here in the States, and then their little specialty food shops which included the local butcher or baker.  I am quite sure there was a candlestick maker shop somewhere along the way.

If you had told me earlier in my life that I would share these kind of experiences, there is no way that I would have believed you.  What these experiences have shown me is that anyone can live royally if this is what they desire.  What it really is all about is choosing to be happy and staying positive wherever you go and whatever you do. We all are responsible for our actions and bringing a good attitude and a sense of humor with us wherever we go, whether it is to England or your place of work and home. 

In previous blogs, I have mentioned positive mantras and meditation.  Some people think that I may have gone off the deep end.  Actually, this is what restores me and keeps me from going off the deep end.  Usually, I post a positive quote in my journal and on Face Book.  It is one that I find or I know that it speaks to me that very day for what I may be facing.  Sometimes others click that they like it or even have a comment.  Others tell me face to face that they read my quotes daily, even though they never click like or make a comment.  Either way is a wonderful compliment because I am putting the quotes up for me and if it helps someone else think about a positive mantra for their day  -  that makes me very happy.

As for the meditation, I do not go and hide away for long periods of time, humming "Ohm" with my fingers and thumbs touching while holding them up in the air.  I just find a quiet place, close my eyes and clear my thoughts by focusing on breathing.  Let me share this with you.  Currently, I am going through radiation therapy.  It does not take long, about 10 minutes and once I am in my comfortable position, it is quiet, I close my eyes and cleanse my thoughts by focusing on my breathing.  I have not gone to sleep, however, I have gone very deep into cleansing my thoughts and discovering peace while meditating.  So deep, that the technician had to speak to me a few times repeating that I could sit up now, as well as touching my arm gently.  I told her what I was doing and she seemed fascinated by how the powers of meditation worked and helped me find peace.  And finding peace for me is what helps me to feel on top of the world, as I imagine that a Queen may feel.  

To follow up on "ME TIME," that I wrote about Wednesday, it is not being selfish; it is giving yourself  the ability to deal with others in a more positive and thoughtful manner.  So adjust that crown and get your day started!

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