Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Life is a Highway

Life is like a highway, as the song goes...Life's like a road that you travel on when there's one day here and the next day gone. Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand, sometimes you turn your back to the wind...There's not much time left today!

I am making this comparison of life to a trip down the highway and what exactly we are in control of and can do something about. There are people in positions of authority that can behave as bullies and can try to take things that you can truly take charge of if. That is your decision.  You must give these bullies permission to take your special gifts away. Are you really prepared to do that?  What can you do to become self-empowered to retain your self-beliefs? You must be strong willed and have a mindset to succeed, plus it helps tremendously to have support from others that you are making the right decisions for yourself.  There is a road to happiness...just waiting for you to map it out to find the 'fundamental you.'

There are all kinds of things that can be stolen from you such as your possessions, your youth, your health, your words  -  there are many things that no one can ever take from you, especially those bullies that may be in authority over you if you plan an escape.  An escape may mean a change, such as a transfer, a move, or something else that will remove you from their poisonous venom of trying to take your 'fundamental you' away.  There must be an amount of patience involved, because things can't change overnight.  However, if you have started the process of the map plan, then your psyche is moving in the right direction.

For example, let's go through some of the things that no one can take from you:

Positive Attitude  -  this is the way that you choose to respond to what others say and do to you.  You will find the happiness within yourself and nowhere else.  Smiling is what keeps others guessing at what is going on in your mind.  This is good.

Self-Esteem  -  It takes a long time to learn how to not judge yourself through someone else's eyes.  You and you alone have the ability to discover your own life and review it through your eyes, not worrying about what others think.

Character  -  This is your whole internal core.  It is what gives you the ability to grow strong and be brave, choosing the right path, even when no one else is looking.  Keeping your eyes wide open, accepting your own mistakes as learning lessons without second guessing yourself.  Continue to stand tall, learn and grow.

Uniqueness  -  This is ALL YOU.  No one else is quite like you.  It is not being selfish in standing in your own glory of what is special about you and what you can do.  Great things will happen to you and happen for you, all because of YOU.  If there is a fork in the road, your style will find the right way for you to go.  If it turns out to not be the right way, you will find a way to turn the lemons into lemonade due to your uniqueness that no one else has.

Hope  -  You can carry the load that is given to you because you believe that it is possible.  Your inner voice is shouting that yes, you can do this, even when the world seems to be telling you that it is impossible.  You have the will to try it, making adjustments along the way.

Why do I believe that you have the map to the highway of life? Because you will continue to learn the lessons of life, releasing the pains that life tosses your way now and then and move on. Remember these words:  Scars remind us of where we have been, not where we are headed.  It is YOUR choice.

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