Friday, September 9, 2016


If someone asked me to make a list of things that make me happy, a few of the items may be extravagant.  At a point in everyone's life, we come to realize that we need less than we actually have and then we seem to have more to give. Embracing simplicity can be a beautiful moment in our lives.  

Being the list maker that I tend to be, I actually sat down and made out a list of things that do make me happy.  As I wrote them down, I also came to the conclusion that these little things brought me so much joy and comfort.  It helped me to see the real me, for who I really am and not for someone that other's thought that I should be. I fell in love with a term that I read about and that was becoming the "authentic me."  It is a way to understand that I am now understanding about being happy with the simple things and finding beauty, strengths and flaws within myself.  Living a simpler
life was giving me the picture of my authentic self.  No more layering.  No more clutter and distraction.  There seemed to be time opening up to enjoy these things.

Real examples of how I started my thinking in a simpler lifestyle was to de-clutter.  What was all around me had to have meaning and the rooms that I lived in had to be a place where I could unplug and relax, surrounded by things that are beautiful and useful to me. This in turn helped in my health.  I began sleeping better and became more mindful of how much exercise I was getting and what I was eating.  

It really is a matter of starting now and starting small.  Rome was not built in a day.  Using your senses, start becoming aware of what feels good to you.  In the morning, stay snuggled in your bed for an extra minute, just to enjoy the warm comfort and then turn it around and use it for a boost of fuel for your day.  What a wonderful way to put a positive feeling in the beginning of your day.  

As for me, as my day progressed, I needed to stop now and then to think of what particular sense I could use to take me away from the hectic "stuff" going on around me.  A great way to 'take five' is to literally go for a walk, even if just for five minutes.  Being aware of your breathing, step away and just walk around where you work and think of happy thoughts, such as a baby's giggle, cool cotton sheets, a warm bubble bath, a favorite meal, or a hug from the ones that you love.  Sometimes you may be able to put in your workplace something to distract you from the complexities being thrown your way, to something simple that will put a smile on your face as it simplifies the moment.  For me, it was placing humming-bird feeders outside the window where I work.  It is a guaranteed smile coming my way each time I watch them.

Just speaking on the way that my brain processes things that must be done, when I know it is time to go to the grocery, I go.  I started questioning myself about why did I not take the time to go to the local Farmer's Market?  It is a totally different atmosphere, no buggies bumping in to one another, along with the fact that the people are so friendly and much more relaxed.  Is it the country air that their products brought in on their pick-up trucks?  Or the pride that the farmers take in selling to others what they have taken the time to grow?  Whatever it is, it works for me.  

There are times that I get to sleep a little later than usual and the way the sunshine comes in through the shutters with the warmth of the sun shining on me is the most glorious feeling when I take the time to acknowledge it.  The whole point of this blog for me is to say that I know that there are times that I tried to halt my emotions and now I work much harder at channeling them into something much more positive.  It is no more running from myself; it is growing into myself.  

There is a beauty in this way of life and it becomes even more beautiful when you have a partner who cherishes this definition of taking the more scenic route of life. Even if there is no particular partner, your sunshine will be always shining and you never know what could come of that.  We have the choice of sharing our sunshine and someone may just come along that wants to share it with you.  

Sometimes our biggest challenge is learning to let go so that we can enjoy the moments that are truly important and meaningful.  You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need. I do believe those are some of the lyrics to The Rolling Stones song of "You Can't Always Get What You Want."  So, let's be happy with the simple things that we need 
to be truly happy and celebrate that.

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