Friday, September 30, 2016

The Three S's

There are three very important words that will help your spirit stay healthy and happy.  They are:  SUN, SAND, and SURF!  Research has been done on this fact, not that I needed some scientist telling me about why it is so good for me.  Just think about how it makes you feel.

There are some very scientific reasons that I do not plan on delving into deeply.  Just trust me or go and google it for yourself.  One fact is that going to the ocean gives you the 'Magnificent 3,' which are magnesium, vitamin D and iodine. (I don't know about you, but I had rather get my vitamin D at the beach instead of a green gel pill that my doctor prescribes to boost that vitamin in my body!)  We need all of these in our bodies to be healthy.  Salt water also heals cuts and scrapes, with only a short little sting, and then it is all better, you are at the beach after all.  And what is even better is that you don't have to go in every day to reap some of the benefits.  Just breathing in the air helps. The sea mist travels through your respiratory system.  Who knew?

Did you know that the salt water is a natural exfoliant for your skin, which includes your scalp?  And who does not want that sometimes elusive 'beach hair' look?  The salt water and air gives it to us naturally.  It is a rather laid back kind of look and atmosphere wherever you go at the beach.  You are not at work.  You may be absorbing some good reading material and having a lunchtime brew, just because you can (not talking about tea)!  If you feel any guilt at all, there is the wonderful sand to take a walk on and burn some calories.  You really do use more muscles walking in sand then on a treadmill or other flat service.  Plus, as you breathe in, the air is so good for your nasal passages.  That fresh sea air will give you marvelous deep sleep.

Psychologically, you know it is good for you.  The calming of the ocean sounds relieves stress almost immediately.  It helps you connect with yourself.  Brain wave patterns are actually altered by ocean wave sounds.  If life is truly a beach, then why aren't we always walking on it and living in bliss?

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