Wednesday, June 15, 2016

All You Need Is Love

Sometimes things happen that embarrass you and you wish that you could replay the whole scene in a different manner.  I would like to give you an example. This little blog is actually a part of a chapter in my novel that I am working on  -  a little teaser, I hope!

One of my previous blogs that I wrote was on the dangers of dating in your 40's.  This is just another example.  (Spoiler:  it all worked out!) It was scary to start all over in the dating game.  Since I lived in our home with my mother and my recent college graduate daughter, it was always interesting and never boring.  Just imagine three females of three generations, all single...I will say no more except all you need is love, and we did have that or it never would have worked.

Because usually I was not dating anyone of a serious nature, just a dinner or dancing out or perhaps a sporting event, I usually drove myself to meet my date, as to not put them through any unusual questioning that a mother or daughter could throw out there like some curve ball to some unsuspecting soul.  I was sure that most single 40 something year olds lived alone.  

For whatever reason, mostly because I had already been out a few times with this particular gentleman, and I was really starting to get to know him.  I was feeling more comfortable with him, so I let him come over and pick me up for our date.  My daughter was the only other person home and was curled up in a big comfy chair, wrapped in an afgan, watching TV.  

When I asked my date to come in with me so that I could get my wrap and handbag there was my daughter wrapped up like a cocoon.  I said to her that I would like for her to meet Steve. SILENCE.  He tried to save the moment and told her that he was pleased to meet her.  Let me see if I can type out the sound that came out of her, "AAUUGGGGGHHHHHHHH."  Okay then.  

I looked at his face and I looked at hers and thought to myself that if I were him, I would run like the wind about now.  Luckily, for me, he did not.  We moved on.  The only mention of this happening was when we got in his car, I apologized, to which he replied that there was no need.  In spite of it all, we had a splendid time.  We never seemed to run out of things to talk about as we learned more and more about each other.

As time moved on and this very special man became the exclusive person that I dated, the relationship between my daughter and the man that I loved grew slowly.  She did get her job, saved her money and as all college graduates want to do and need to do, moved out into the real world.  

To make a  long story short, through the months ahead, they became closer and closer.  When he proposed to me she was a part of the wedding planning and pulling the rest of the family together for the event.

Then a few years later came a pivotal moment.  She was getting married.  She talked to us about who would walk her down the aisle.  We both suggested that it would be awesome to have her brother or brothers walk her down the aisle.  She had one biological brother and one brother who was Steve's son.  When he came over to visit from the UK, they became like a true brother/sister.  Steve's daughter came over to visit with us and we made trips over to the UK.  These four children somehow all connected.  In fact, they connected so well that Steve's daughter was asked to be the maid of honor.  That is pretty impressive that four children, two from each partner had so much in common and got along so famously!  It made us very proud.

The moment that gave us chill bumps was when she called me to tell me that she was coming over to see Steve to ask him something.  She arrived with a helium balloon that said, "WILL YOU?"  And it was attached to a jewelry box that a ring would come in and in this box was a rhinestone bling ring wine stopper. She got on her knee and asked him if he would walk her down the aisle to give her away.  Can I just say there were tears all around?  

From the day of, " AAUUGGGGHHHHHHHH" to this?  We are so happy to know that our four children were able to connect in the way that they have and again it all comes down to, "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE."   

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