Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Day Off

There is a very good reason for taking this day off from my blog.  Maybe it will even be posted in a future blog.  Thanks for understanding xoxo

WELL, WELL, WELL!  It seems that I do own some bragging rights and so therefore, I SHALL!  I have spoken before of being the ever-optimistic Sagittarian.  That is always a positive in my book, even when it sort of backfires on you.

Neither woman nor man wants to hear from their doctor that they have breast cancer.  Even when the next words that come out of the surgeon's mouth is the best-case scenario! My optimistic look on life... REALLY? Best case of cancer?  Ok, I am going with my surgeon on that one.

OK, calm down and carry on! SO, I am patting myself on my back today because I do totally believe that there was a very good reason for taking this day off from my blog after undergoing surgery on Monday, I had not planned on the future blog coming quite so soon, however, when it got to the point of me not being able to stand being around me, I knew something had to be changed.

Let me go through what was in my head, a headache that I can only imagine to be a real migraine headache. The fear of even trying to see where the surgeon had been operating (especially since I did a double-dog-dare myself to take a look after the biopsy and pre-surgery) was taking over.  I hurt a thousand times worse, let's just say compression beyond belief and needles going in before the shot of numbing, I think?)  It was so bad that I could not even put my own bra on from the pain, not the swelling.  And I asked for help from my very supportive and loving husband to hook me up, yes, I know TMI.  Once he took care of me, he then went off for work. The doctor had told us that even after the surgery and I get comfortable, he could probably head on in to work.  I felt so much better knowing that he was there with me, if only for this day.  

There I was feeling like a real WUSS!  This was not in my nature. It was not a characteristic that I am proud of and it turned out that there was a reason.  I called the doctor.  Something was telling me that something was not right.  And, it turns I was correct.   Apparently, the medical team starts you off on the lowest possible dose.  I shared with my doctor's intern that this so NOT like me. This is how she responded: I could increase to 1 tablet every 4 hours instead of 6, OR take 2 tablets every 6 hours.  It made me want to kick myself for not calling in sooner.   Never would I take a medication as not prescribed to me.  Surely, I must be in the minority!  And I think that I got those directions right. 

This wonderful intern even made a call back to me, a few hours later to see if what she had changed did the trick and if I was resting more comfortably.  I could speak coherently; I am thinking so, anyway.  

My friends, EXTRA, EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT.  Not for the drama, but for the information alone... and in knowing that you are not alone floundering in this world, at least on the social-media side of this blog you will not be. Make sure you chose the right clinic and the right surgeon.  I know I did.

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