Friday, June 3, 2016

Magical Day

"Your writing voice is the deepest possible reflection of who you are. The job of your voice is not to seduce or flatter or make well-shaped sentences.  In your voice, your readers should be able to hear the contents of your mind, your heart, your soul."  This is from an author named Meg Rosoff.

Her words could be my very own words because this is how I write.  Yes, I need to be careful with grammar and typos, but more importantly we all need to write using our voice so that the reader can hear our heart, mind and soul.  

Yesterday my husband and I were able to spend the day with our three year old granddaughter.  What we experienced was sheer joy and fascination.  We had some ideas planned out of what we wanted to do with her and where we wanted to take her. She is definitely not on a high maintenance list.  Bailey is quite happy shopping at her favorite store which happens to be Target. She can spend hours in the toy department and yet never ask for one single thing.  Just window shopping.  The hardest thing is to find a way to get her out of the store after going up and down the same aisles for an hour.  This also happened in The Disney Store. Yet never asking us to buy a single thing.  All she wants is for Goofy to fly her to DisneyWorld.  This is repeated frequently and we would so much like to help make that happen in her world.       

On this one day, after we picked her up from our daughter at her work place, we headed over to get breakfast.  She wanted a blueberry muffin so we took her to a restaurant that we knew had delicious muffins.  Steve and I ordered our breakfast also.  This precious child ate about one fourth of the large muffin and then saw our bacon.  Immediately she asked, "Please may I have some bacon?"  Of course, we were not going to say no and before we knew it she had eaten 4 slices.  I must admit it was good least the part of one crispy bite that I had.  All our hearts needed to hear was, "Thank you so much for that delicious bacon."

After breakfast came a bit of what could have been a boring part of the day.  We had arranged for a workman to come much later in the afternoon when our granddaughter was not with us to repair exercise equipment.  He had called and said he would be much earlier and needed to come over at noon.  We knew swimming was out of the question at this time, as the air temperature was actually cooler than the water and no sunshine.  If he finished the job quickly, we might be able to get in The Children's Museum.  So meanwhile we put the movie of her choice in the DVD player, which was Happy Feet. While watching the movie, we managed to play Minnie's Bow-tique Matching Game and StarFall.  She is into multi-tasking.  Oh yes, and she downloaded the game to my IPhone as per the directions from her game.  I was still trying to find my glasses to read the fine print and by gosh, she had already downloaded it.  YIKES!  

The repairman came even a little earlier than expected so when he left, Bailey wanted to check out the work that he did to be sure that she approved.  She did.  As we were coming down the stairs we noticed the sunshine was out brightly.  Quickly I ran to the computer to check the temperature and miraculously it had already risen above what the forecasted high was to be.  You guessed it. We asked Bailey if she wanted to go swimming.  We already knew the answer was yes.  I changed her while Steve changed.  He took her out while I changed and by the time I came out they had me in shock.  She was in the deep end going up the ladder only to slide back into the pool to kick and paddle her way back over again. There was no hesitation, no fear, just pure joy with the giggles, especially when she got hold of the long range water pistols to squirt her Smiley and Lola.  (No granny and gramps for us)  I bet for that hour and a half her little legs were not still a minute.  

We asked her if she was getting hungry.  She said that she was and would love to get some pizza at Chuck E. Cheese.  It just so happens that this establishment, which the two of us have never eaten at, is just around the corner from our subdivision.  We really wanted to make it her day so we changed and off to Chuck E. Cheese it was.  

Truly it was so much fun just watching her go from toy to game with her tokens.  What was really amazing is that her favorite thing to do in the game room was to go through a very tall long climbing tube with portholes to look out and wave at us, plus a slide to zip out of the maze.  It did not need tokens to go inside so she had tokens left over for a future visit.  I thought it may be a little difficult to get her over to eat when the pizza arrived but I was so wrong.  This little one devoured this pizza.  At one point she said that she was full so Steve went over to get a to-go box, however, before he returned she had eaten two of the last three slices.  His face was priceless.  Time to play for a bit more then we told her that we needed to get home and change her into her T-ball uniform so that we could get her back to her Momma for team pictures and a make up game.  Timing was perfect.  

The feeling of her little hand reaching up to hold your hand or her sweet voice asking if she can sit on your lap............. there is nothing in the world like it.  Ask any grandparent!  Love, love, love!  

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