Friday, May 6, 2016

Claim to Fame

Today I really had not planned on writing about music again.  Even though music plays such an important part in my life and our lives, as a couple.  Our home has an excellent, quality sound system in every room, thanks to the Love of my life.  
So as I was pondering about what to blog today and my little imaginary friends in my head did not want to come out and talk, I posted the sign above on my FB page.
I shared with my Love when we met for lunch and this is when he suggested to KISS.  (keep it simple sweetheart)  Go ahead and do a different perspective of one of the profound ways that music enters our lives.  After all, how many teenagers go to a local TV station, get to meet George Klein to do a weekly high school commentary of fashion and end up playing keyboard with Booker T and the MGs? 
 My high school nominated me to be the Teen Representative and so I was excited and delighted to go and represent our school.  
After I had my spot of time introducing the school models and what they were wearing, I was asked by a member of the band who was playing for this show if I knew how to play the keyboard..  I said that I played guitar and all I know about the keyboard is which end has the high notes and which end has the low notes.  He asked if I could pretend to be playing along with the beat of a song.  That I could do as long as the camerman did not focus on which specific notes that I was playing (or note playing, as the case may be).  This was not live music.  They asked if I knew Green Onions and if I thought if I could move and groove to that tune because their keyboard player had not made it to the studio yet. (who happened to be Booker T) They did announce that they had a stand in for the keyboard and did not make a big deal out of it.  My heart was racing.  Really, at the time, until my mother asked me what was I doing playing the keyboard for a band that she did not know.  I just smiled and thought to myself that this was my 5 minutes of my claim to fame.  WOW! It was only years later that I realized that I stood in for Booker T.  What an honor!
It just goes to show, you never know where your life journey is going to take you.

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