Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Music Makes My Heart Sing

Music truly does make my heart sing in so many ways.  I believe that we all have certain songs that can bring back specific memories.... some of them good and maybe some not so good.  Your heart still sings though, whether it is a happy song or a sad song.  

I have a friend from Cornwall in the UK who has challenged me (because that is the way the game is played) to name 7 songs from the 70's that had a special meaning to me.  I must put them on my FB page, one each day, preferably in YOUTUBE form so that all can enjoy a moment of listening.  

WOW!  I was thinking this will be so easy.  NOT!  I believe that I have my list narrowed down to 65 or so.  Roy is in the music business and actually knew some of the musicians who were and still are my idols.  And, there are some songs that he has put up on his page that I have never heard of before.  Some bands made it big in the UK and never came across the pond and vice versa.  He asked me to join in because as he said, it would be interesting to get an American perspective.  After all, my husband and I go through this all the time. He introduces me to bands that I have never heard of.  Some, I know why I never heard of them and others, it was a shame that they did not make it over to the States.  You see, my husband, before I knew him, was Smiley, the DJ - so he does know his music, including the labels, the years of the release, the artists and the names of the songs.  Yet, and this is the unbelievable part, I still bet him on certain songs that I just know I am right and he is wrong.  The score over the time that we met up until now has remained the same.  His score  -  does it really matter?  My score is ZERO!  

So now I am thinking of what songs would show music in America during the 70's.  How could I not possibly send him "The Streak" from the 70's?  The radio stations played it here all the time, day and night.  And it is rather funny!  And some of what I am choosing to put up I am not quite sure how big they made it over in Londontown...........We shall see!.  

I do know that Maggie May was big here when I was in college and Rod Stewart is British. Wondering about Three Dog Night?  Frankie Vallie.............So I will continue to research until it is my turn to add on my FB page.  Should be starting up around this coming weekend.  If you are interested in looking my FB name is Donna Jo Dillard Miles.  If you reach out for me to add you as a friend in order to hear them, please do.  Happy Listening! So, let me challenge you, what are your seven favorite songs from the 70's?

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