Wednesday, May 11, 2016


There are truly people who state that they just could not live if they had to skip a day of exercising. Really?  I can tell you that I believe that there are more in the majority of the human race who could live just fine if they did skip a day.  Intellectually, I realize how beneficial exercising is to our health. Now that I am of a certain age, I also understand that weight is not going to drop off without doing some form of exercise, whether it be yoga, zumba, walking, water jogging or using the recumbent bike.  And I must also add that once I get on a routine, it does feel good.  In the same breath, I can also say that yes, I would be able to live if I were forced to skip a day here and there.

So this is where I am in the crossroads of diet and exercise.  I do love to cook and I do love food.  I don't love to get all sweaty and exercise.  So there has to be a balance if I want to eat good foods and not be the size of the side of a barn.  My goal is to be walking again on the treadmill for 30 minutes five days a week and then use the zaaz machine.  When the pool water is warm enough to get in and on the days that I can get in the pool, the goal is to water jog for 45 minutes. At some point during the day get on the zaaz, which is easier because the time limit to be on this machine is 12 minutes at a time.

Now that I am working from home, it is a matter of being set in a routine.  A routine for writing has been set and therefore, so can exercise.  At one point, I was spending a fortune for a personal trainer. He somehow motivated me more because he was there pushing me onward and forward.  He owned the gym and had ways of finding me to work harder for myself.  After a couple of months, it seemed that he was starting to "farm" me out to his associates.  Now, don't get me wrong.  They were trainers also.  They were not who I signed up with and they were not who I wanted to work with and they most definitely did NOT have the power to motivate me the way the owner did.  When I questioned him about paying the same price whether it be for his expertise or one of the associates, he told me the opposite of what other private trainers told me.  It was time to move on in my mind.  

This is why I know that I must get hold of my own motivation.  Do it for ME.  I do not need to pay someone money at this stage of my life to motivate me.  We have plenty of equipment in this house and two intelligent people.  A mantra that I have put up to see each and every day that helps motivate me is:  EXERCISE BECAUSE YOU LOVE YOUR BODY, NOT BECAUSE YOU HATE IT!


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